The Best Human/Animal Portraits

The "best" portraits or selfies taken "of" and "with" animals is subjective. Who's to say a photograph with your dog or cat can vie for top bragging rights? Number one, there are so many of them. Secondly, those that have been authenticated as the best by wildlife judging organizations may be of a small sampling. Also, pet portraits can get a little boring due to a lack of creativity.

Today we'll review three photographers who I think have not only mastered the creative aspect, but also have captured the spirit of the animals they are photographing. See if you don't agree.

“Best Job in the World” Competition

In 2013, Irishman Allan Dixon's photos were acclaimed the “Best Job in the World” competition, nabbing $AUS 100,000 and six months in the Australian wilderness as an 'Outback Adventurer.' As a result, he gained an impressive following and now collaborates with tourism bodies and conservation groups around the world as an adventure content creator.

In this YouTube vid, he instructs others how to take selfies with a Quokka. This animal is indigenous to smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia.

Topher Brophy & Rosenberg

In today’s milieu of social media, Topher Brophy's pics are popular because of his unique interpretations of him and his dog.

In fact, Instagram user @topherbrophy has achieved viral social media fame for the photos he has posted of himself and his Aussiedoodle, @rosenbergthedog. The two are not only identical in their physical appearance, but Topher has gone one step further to dress them alike that nails their ‘twinning’ similarities squarely on the head[s].

With their matching clothes, their shaggy brown hair, facial scruff and piercing eyes — they could indeed be “brothers from another mother.”

Topher Brody and Rosenberg


Russian Photographer & Dreamlike Portraits

Moscow-based photographer Olga Barantseva has photographed a portfolio of mesmerizing imagery, which displays models posing with animals such as bears, wolves, raccoons, ostriches, owls, crocodiles, and snakes.

Barantseva grew up loving nature and wildlife. She has worked with Stepan the bear in many of these photos. At age 20, this bear is a partner to his photographer. In additional to modeling stills, he has performed as an animal actor in 20 Russian movies. Here Stepan is seen officiating an outdoor wedding ceremony -- making this event a creative and auspicious event.

Russian Photographer & Dreamlike Portraits

So if you were to judge today's three photographers, which do you think is the best in capturing not only the creative appearance of the animal, but also its spirit?

Primary Source: Expert Pet Photography