It was 72 years ago today that American soldiers landed on the beach and
parachuted into Normandy to begin the final push against Hitler to free
Europe from the oppression of totalitarianism. In remembrance of these
events you can get either a USPS WWII Soldier Bear or a Boeing WWII Aviator

 USPS WWII Soldier BearUSPS WWII Soldier Bear

The soldier bear is dressed in an Army combat uniform and is a USPS collectible item. A copy of the National World War II Memorial stamp is emblazoned on his left breast -- right over his little teddy bear heart. He stands 9 inches tall and is a great tribute to the men in your family who served.

 Boeing WWII Aviator BearBoeing WWII Aviator Bear

The aviator bear is dressed in an aviator jacket and hat with goggles, just like pilots during WWII. He won't be flying by the seat of his pants because he doesn't have any! But bears aren't concerned about things like modesty. This collectible plush toy comes straight from Boeing. 

To order a USPS WWII Soldier Bear, click here, or a Boeing WWII Aviator
Bear, click here.

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