So you think running is a boring sport? Think again. Runners competing in the 2017 Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run were joined briefly by a bear. We're talking about a wild black bear (Ursus americanus), not the hero of Johnny Preston's 1960 hit “Running Bear”.     

Bear Joins Race Runners, Runners Race Faster

The annual Garden of the Gods  Runs come in 10 Mile and 10 K versions, both set in scenic Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs, CO. The run is a challenging one as the course is high – Rocky Mountain High, one might say – with elevations ranging from 6,210' to 6,530' above sea level.

Most of the course consists of designated segments of asphalt roadways which aren't usually frequented by the local bears. June 11th of 2017 wasn't a usual day, however.

Bear Joins Race Runners, Runners Race Faster

Donald Sanborn happened to capture the wayward bruin's impromptu entrance into the race when he started snapping shots of runners streaming up the roadway behind him.

"Why did the bear cross the road?,” posited Sanborn later when he posted his photos on Facebook. “To scare the runners and make me lose precious time in the middle of a race!" Luckily, neither Man nor Beast were injured during the course of the bear's unauthorized incursion, though no doubt some runners partook in an underwear change after crossing the finish line. (via UPI and KDVR)