Once upon a time (well, earlier this month) there was an old lady (well, mature anyway) who lived near the woods. She was so good at baking that she didn't know what to do. Okay, she did know. She was baking brownies when a bear appeared at the door on her deck demanding a share of the warm, sweet, chocolatey wealth. THAT was when she didn't know what to do!

Bear Begging Brownies
Bear Begging Brownies --Balance Beam Version

It was though that bruin was magical enough to know that the brownies had just come out of the oven. So he managed to open the screen door himself, but the sliding glass door was another matter. So he knocked. Hard. With a great deal of determination.

The woman abandoned her brownies and hurried across the street seeking help from her neighbor. That neighbor came to her aid. The police were called and photos taken before the bear decided to try other doors to enter the home. He wandered off before the police arrived.

Bear Begging Brownies
Bear Begging Brownies -- Paw-Print Edition

The neighbor claimed that the bear appeared to be angry at not being able to get inside to that delightful smell. Actually, change angry to hungry. At this time of year bears are still skinny from hibernation and are looking to get back to normal weight. Either way that still makes them dangerous to humans.

From the "earrings" the bear was wearing it is obvious that it is one being tracked. This happened in the area of Avon, Connecticut where bear encounters are common. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone to always steer clear of bears and bear cubs, and NEVER feed them.

Had this event happened here in Colorado, we would be spending time making up jokes about just what "type" of brownies they were. Our state capital may be the Mile High City, but that has more than one meaning.

Oh, and everyone lived happily (and tastily) ever after.

Images via BBC

Sources: Avon Patch, KDVR, BBC