animal abuse
Lady before being rescued (image Norica Prigoana/Harmony Fund)


Animals need to explore their surroundings and stretch their legs. It’s simple. Unfortunately, some people instead shackle them with chains and forget about them. Recently in Romania, a little beagle named Lady was living that very same existence when her story suddenly took an unexpected turn towards a happy ending.

Animal Cruelty

Many view the practice as animal cruelty, but for six long years Lady was kept chained to an old car day in and day out. Her tether was a mere three feet in length and she had to crawl under the vehicle whenever she needed shelter, including the dead of winter. She probably would have eventually died there unnoticed if it weren’t for Norica Prigoana, a well-known animal rescuer who happened to spot the poor creature.


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Lady out for a quick sniff

Loving Life!

It turned out the lonely little beagle’s owner lived abroad, so it took Prigoana weeks to get the green light on the rescue. When the day finally arrived, she raced over to pick up Lady, unsure of how she would react to her newfound freedom. “Lady was amazed that she could run free to smell every single stone,” Prigoana stated. “She had no problem with meeting other animals, as she was so happy to be free from the chain that kept her hostage for six years without the possibility to run, even to move more than one meter.”

Veterinarian Exams

One of the first things Prigoana did after securing Lady’s release was to have the dog examined and groomed. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t too thrilled with her first vet visit and possibly first bath in six years, but it’s said she bore up like a real trooper. She is a good-natured animal that just can’t get over all the smells out there that are ripe for the sniffing, and now that she’s off her chain the world is her many-scented oyster.


rescue dog, animal neglect, romania
Lady having her first bath in years

Harmony Fund

Because Norica Prigoana is already sheltering 150 dogs waiting for adoption, she’s unable to keep Lady herself. She has, however, hooked up with international rescue group Harmony Fund, who is not only sponsoring Lady’s stay at a nearby foster center but is behind her adoption arrangements as well. In a statement the group said, “Lady prefers to view the world through the tip of her nose and today she just can’t get enough of the good things coming her way.”

If you’re interested in adopting Lady to ensure good things continue to come her way, you can click on the Harmony Fund link above.