It would be convenient if all of your entryways were the same size, but that would not make for very interesting architecture. Better that you add some interesting architecture to your home with this exquisite Convertible Elite Pet Gate.


Convertible Elite Pet Gate

Convertible Elite Pet Gate


For whatever reason you need to give your pets their own space while you enjoy yours, the Convertible Elite Pet Gate will make you all feel you've got plenty of it.  And the versatility of this six-panel gate provides just the right configuration you may need whether it's a room divider, a gate, or a pen.

The Gate extends to 135 + inches, though you will need to bend each panel somewhat to keep the Gate stable as a room divider. The panels are separate on arrival, but assembly is easy as each of the six panels -  31.5" x 33.5" - can be hinged to the next, like so....


Convertible Elite Pet Gate


Additionally one of the center panels is a door that you can open and lock closed.


Convertible Elite Pet Gate


The Convertible Elite Pet Gate is constructed of rubberwood, a solid, environmentally friendly, hardwood, and 7 gage or 0.144 inch wire. It is intended for use with small to medium dogs up to about 40 pounds in weight.

If you a looking for a stylish smaller pet gate, visit Brookstone's assortment here.


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