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Pet ID from TagWorks


Pirate fans who just can't get enough of the salt life while throwing terms around like "avast," "ahoy," and "argh, matey" can now let their quirky side spill over to their pets with some really great merchandise with the furry buccaneer in mind. Before you protest that you're not that far gone, don't worry, you're not alone. One pet owner started an Instagram page starring their own pirate pug you can follow for more swashbuckling high seas inspiration.


pirate themed dog collars
Collars by Hip Doggie

Pirate Themed Collars & Leads

In the accessories department there's plenty of cool booty to plunder decorated with skulls and crossbones in the form of adjustable collars from makers like Top Paw, Hip Doggie and Whisker City. You can choose from leather and durable nylon weaves that are washable. But if you really want to go all out, pair them with matching leads and harnesses to complete the look. Oh, and don't forget the ID tag, matey.


skull and crossbone dog sweaters
Handmade sweater available from BaxterBoo

Pirate Sweaters & Hoodies

Need more pirate swag? No problem. With winter on its way there are plenty of doggy sweaters to continue the yo-ho fun available from companies like BaxterBoo and others. If sweaters aren't what you had in mind, they come in fleece and sweatshirt-type material with or without hoods, too. For a little seasonal cheer there are cute holiday versions with Santa caps and candy canes in place of bones.


pet stencils at petsmart
Ahoy, Matey

Pet Stencils

If you aren't familiar, PetSmart offers safe, washable stencils for pets through their in-store salons and — you guessed it — they will only be too happy to apply a skull and crossbones design to your pet anytime of year.


pirate dog toys
Shiver me timbers

Pirate Dog Toys

There's a vast treasure trove of super fun pirate inspired dog toys for the old salt in your life, even if they're really a young pup. From whales and frogs with three-pointed pirate hats to stingrays, skulls and seals with red striped bandanas, there is no shortage of styles and sizes to choose from.

Instagram Star Pirate Jack

No, Pirate Jack isn't a real swabby. It's merely the moniker given to a pug whose pet parent started an Instagram page under the user name @piratepugjack, where other wannabe gobs and tars can go for more pirate mania and a little levity, because once you see this adorably goofy corsair decked in his best pirate duds it's sure to bring a smile to your face.

And in case some of you landlubbers were wondering, it doesn't have to be Halloween in order to get your pirate on. Now tote that barge, lift that bale!