Jukebox 5 Aquarium kit by Aqueon


Quirky designs in home aquariums are pretty trendy right now, especially those designed for small spaces. They're fun, lighthearted and some even put on some pretty cool light displays. Now, there's a small home aquarium that doubles as a sound system with synchronized LED lighting that pulses to your favorite beats called the Aqueon Aquatics JukeBox 5.

Home Aquariums

Just so you're clear, you're not turning your pets' home into a pulsating stereo system complete with roiling waters. What it amounts to is two free-standing speakers placed near the base of the tank that you can play music through via a smart phone or MP3 player. The speakers actually come to life, delivering a multi-colored light and water show as they pulse, so there's some water action involved, too.

Aqueon® Jukebox 5 Aquarium Kit

Somewhat resembling a speaker in appearance, it's a sleek and contemporary little (5-gallon) glass aquarium with features such as concealed cord charger and USB port for discreet device charging, hood with LED lighting, and a smart phone/MP3 player cradle located on the top of the unit. Aqueon has a number of cool apartment-size aquariums to choose from, in addition to this kit.

Aquarium Powered

According to the accompanying video, the Jukebox 5 aquarium powers both the speakers and the LED lighting and comes equipped with extra charging ports, Quietflow Power Filtration system and a small topside feeding opening, saving you from having to lift the hood each time. The kit also includes premium water conditioner and fish food samples.

Considered fairly low maintenance, all in all the unit would be ideal for dorms, kids rooms and other living or work areas with limited display space, if you're thinking about getting one.


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