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In addition to our most familiar pets, dogs and cats, the 2019 Editor's Choice Awards also acknowledged top products in "Aquatics & Exotics" lines.

If you have a rabbit or a turtle as a pet, you probably don't think of it as an exotic petnor do I think of my parakeets or cockatiels as exotic. But they are considered exotic, if only because they are not cats and dogs. True, they are not as common as dogs and cats, and it's harder to find veterinarians for them, but some, like some bird species, can be domesticated.

Nevertheless, recognizing the need for products developed specifically for pets who are not dogs and cats, the 2019 Editor's Choice Awards has selected 8 exceptional products for pets that are Aquatic or Exotic.


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin' Cajun Bean & Corn and Kung Fu-Licious

Crazy Good Cookin' Kung Fu-Licious & Cajun Bean & Corn

Crazy Good Cookin' Cajun Bean & Corn and Kung Fu-Licious


Wow! Vitakraft's Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin' is a line of cookable food for pet birds, and bird owners say it's a hit. The Cajun Bean & Corn and the Kung Fu-Licious are great breakfast foods. You can cook them in advance and feed them separately from your bird's regular food - just once a day. (Remove food after 4-5 hours and dispose.)

These have human ingredients: the Cajun Bean & Corn contains corn, heat-processed corn, flaked beans, heat-processed barley, green split peas, steam rolled oats, heat-processed soybeans, red lentil seeds, trapper peas, and dried rose hips; the Kung Fu-licious contains heat-processed barley, steam rolled oats, green split peas, heat-processed corn, rice flour, buckwheat, dehydrated papaya, pumpkin seed hearts, pumpkin seeds, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated sweet potatoes, dried orange granules, dehydrated, spinach flakes.

Can your bird say "Yum?" How about "Yummy?"

Kung Fu-Licious

Kung Fu-Licious


You can feed the Crazy Good Cookin' to small, medium and large birds, like canaries, parakeets, finches, lories, lovebirds, cockatiels, lovebirds, doves, cockatoos, conures, macaws, and parrots. Small to medium birds get 1 - 2 ounces and large birds get 3 - 4 ounces.

Ooh, can't wait to serve this to my boys!


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: EcoBio-Stone Nano

EcoBio-Stone Nano

EcoBio-Stone Nano


The EcoBio-Stone Nano is a small volcanic stone that helps clean your pets'  aquatic home effectively for up to a year. Safe for fish, reptiles, amphibians, and other aquatic life, the EcoBio-Stones release healthy bacteria into the water to reduce the need for frequent cleaning of the tanks. Made for tanks up to 1.5 and 3 gallons of water, the EcoBio Stone Nanos are smaller versions of the EcoBio-Stones, made for tanks 15 to 40 gallons and 30 to 80 gallons.


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Higgins inTune Ferret Food


Higgins inTune Ferret Food

Higgins inTune Ferret Food


Ferrets need a lot of protein and Higgins inTune Ferret Food definitely has it. The first five of six ingredients are turkey, chicken, and pollock products. The pollack is caught on Alaska's shores and processed right on the boat while the fish is still fresh. There are lots of vitamin supplements in this diet and ferrets seem to like it. Though you might find the high protein and supplement quantity quite satisfactory, there are legumes and potatoes in the food as well, which are not recommended for ferrets.


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Kaytee CritterTrail Super Habitat for Small Animals


Kaytee CritterTrail Super Habitat for Small Animals

Kaytee CritterTrail Super Habitat for Small Animals


If there's one thing Kaytee knows, it's critters, and this CritterTrail Super Habitat for gerbils, hamsters, and mice proves it; even large breed gerbils and hamsters will fit in this 540 square inch living space. The Super Habitat has various ways to connect to CritterTrail extensions and toys to make a full gym for your critters. Place your buddy's food and water under the stairs and connect a few tunnels to the top.


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Greenfeather Bird Supply A Beak’s Choice 2


Greenfeather Bird Supply A Beak's Choice

Greenfeather Bird Supply A Beak’s Choice 2


A Beak's Choice should provide enough options for your small to medium birds to peck, nibble, and tear up. Just the stuff they love to do. The 4-inch balsa wood center holds four extensions adorned with balsa cubes, stuffed willow balls, and cut-out flap-jacks all for your bird's delight! Size is 12 inches long, 4.5 inches wide. The Beak's Choice fastens to a perch or cage wire with a cloth string. What a work of art!


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Hikari Herptile Reptile Line


Hikari Herptile Dragon Delight

Hikari Herptile Reptile Line


These easy to feed productsfromHikari Americaare delicious (to your reptile) and easy to feed. They also keep your dragon's cage clean! Hikari makes these foods as whole mealscomplete with all the nutrients and vitamins your pets need. I'll just show you one of Hikari's adorable videos and you will get the idea behind all of the Gel entrees:



There's a 30-day supply of Gel in each packet. Here they are, described for PetBusiness.com by Hikari:

Hikari Herptile features the following nutrient blends:

  • LeopaGel: Developed for Leopard Geckos and other insect-eating lizards, LeopaGel offers a live food-like texture.

  • CrestGel: Ideal for the Crested Gecko and other fruit and insect-eating lizards, CrestGel has a natural food-like texture.

  • DragonGel: DragonGel has a natural food-like texture, meant for Bearded Dragons and other vegetable-eating lizards to enjoy.

  • Dragon Delite: The scientifically-balanced nutrient mix is ideal for adult Bearded Dragons over eight inches, and other vegetable and insect-eating lizards with larger appetites. The pellets’ texture is akin to live food.

These unique formulations result in healthier pets and cleaner, reduced-odor cages. Visit Hikarito find out where you can purchase these foods.


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Hikari Bio-Pure Reef Riot


Hikari Bio-Pure Reef Riot™

Hikari Bio-Pure Reef Riot™


These are about the cleanest fish foods you will find anywhere, having undergone Hikari's 3-Step Sterilization process. Bacteria-free, vitamin and mineral enriched, the yummy Hikari Bio-Pure Reef Riot™ Carnivore and Herbivore are treats for your fish, not meals.  And yum! Reef Riot Carnivore starts with oyster, scallop, krill, Canadian Mysis Shrimp (Freshwater Mysis relicta), ocean plankton, brine shrimp, shrimp, squid, cyclopods, red shrimp, and then come the support supplements!

Reef Riot Herbivore features perch, scallop, oyster, krill, Canadian Mysis Shrimp (Freshwater Mysis relicta), ocean plankton, brine shrimp, shrimp, seaweed, spinach, squid, plus support supplements.


Editor's Choice Awards In Aquatics & Exotics: Ware Pet Products Slanted Chicken Coop


Ware Pet Products Slanted Chicken Coop

Ware Pet Products Slanted Chicken Coop

Though you may not be able to judge by the above image, the Ware Pet Products Slanted Chicken Coop is tall5'5" tall! You might have to bend a bit, but you don't have to crawl into the coop. In fact there are four nesting areas in the coop, well above ground, so you don't have to stoop down to the floor to pick up the eggs. 


Ware Pet Products Slanted Chicken Coop

Ware Pet Products Slanted Chicken Coop


And there are lots of little conveniences for your chicks toolike windows and perches and nesting areas. You can freshen the air in the coop and keep the windows shut when it's cold. Your chicks will live in style and comfort and you'll have an easy job collecting their eggs and cleaning their digs. 

The full measurements of the Slanted Chicken Coop are: Width: 120.08", Depth: 55.91", Height: 66.73".

Check out where you can purchase it here.


I'm glad that I am not judging this category; it's a hard one!

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