Improving the humble rubberband is a lot like building a better mousetrap - how to fix what really isn't broken? With these cute animal outline rubberbands, however, Y.Ohashi and M.Haneda of Passkey Design have added a new dimension to something most consider to be a basic utilitarian object.

Is it art? MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art) seems to think so, as they're selling the  Animal Rubberbands in their gift shop. The bands are made from non-toxic silicone, allowing the use of bright colors without sacrificing the basic functionality of an average rubberband.

Here's a short video of a pale blue T Rex rubberband in action:

Choose from Pet, Zoo, Dino and Farm themes - the Dino themed rubberbands are the latest edition and like the others can be bought as flat 6-packs or larger capacity plastic gift boxes.

Each set contains an amusing illustrated instruction sheet (yes, instructions for rubberbands) that feature such admonitions as "Don't eat us! We are your friends" and "Please don't pull us too hard. We don't wanna die!" Words to live by, indeed. (via Gigazine) (You canfind most of these rubberbands at Amazon)

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