potcake puppies animal rescue
Play with a potcake or adopt one on your next vacation


If you’ve never been on an island getaway, they’re usually fabulous. The amazing beaches, azul waters, gentle breezes, drinks with little umbrellas, delicious food, fun in the sun — the list goes on and on, but you get my point. It’s a great time. Now you can have an even better time in the Caribbean by going on play dates with puppies who need socialization and a little TLC via an organization called Potcake Place, an animal rescue in Providenciales.

Animal Adoptions

If you’re wondering about the name “Potcake,” it’s a reference in the Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands to what Americans would call mutts. Simply put, it's an island word for a mixed breed dog, and they have a lot of them running the streets in need of good homes. The other problem the islands face is the overwhelming number of potcake puppies. The constant stream of homeless pups keep volunteers there extremely busy.

Caribbean Vacations

So, this is where you, the vacationer, come in. Potcakes wants vacationers to the islands to come by and check a puppy out for a play date. You can take the animal to a park, the beach, wherever you want. They just need folks who love dogs to come in and interact with them. While it’s important for animals of all ages to get attention, puppies need to be socialized at an early age. This entire setup is a win-win for everybody involved.

Puppy Love

What happens if you fall madly, deeply, truly in love with your puppy? Not only is the adoption free, Potcake Place will help you with arrangements to get your new dog home. The animals have had all their shots and the facility knows the drill when it comes to all of the travel requirements. They should, they’ve had a lot of success with this brilliant system. Now it’s up to you to plan your vacation to "Puppy Island."