Sammy the  wonder cat puffed himself up and distracted the larger dog

Sammy heard Izzy, his dog friend, crying, and ran outside to find him in the jaws of a much larger and very aggressive canine that its teeth in poor Izzy's stomach. The cat  immediately fluffed up his fur and went into "hero mode." His actions distracted the larger dog that immediately dropped Izzy and pursued him instead. But Sammy had a trick or two up his feline sleeve and he ran up a tree, giving his human family enough time to scoop up the badly injured Izzy and rush him to the veterinarian. See: The Cat Who Dialed 911.)

Sammy The Hero Cat

Sammy The Hero Cat

Poor Izzy had multiple life-threatening injuries

The family transported Izzy to the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Clinic where Dr. Kittsen McCumber treated the dog's punctured abdomen, traumatic hernia and severe muscle trauma. Sammy got away unhurt, and even the vet agreed that if the cat hadn't intervened, it is unlikely that Izzy would have survived the attack. Sammy is a hero. There's no other word for him. The dog is expected to make a complete recovery. (See: Hero Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year Old.)

Izzy Being Treated
Izzy treated For Wounds

Cats and dogs living within the same household often bond as friends

Even though Izzy's family saw the irony in the harrowing rescue because Izzy is always chasing the cat, somehow  a sense of  of loyalty beyond human understanding developed and the cat literally saved the dog's life. While no one can say why, all that matters is that both Sammy and Izzy are fine, and very soon it is more than likely  that Izzy will resume chasing Sammy again. Probably now, however,  the chase will be accompanied with just a dash of respect. (See: Tara The Cat)

Most of us "get by with a little help from our friends," but sometimes our friends are unexpected, and in this case, saved a life.

Kudos to you, Sammy, for a hero's job well done.

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