These creative pet-centric dog & cat themed decks of playing cards are ideal for stuck-at-home pet owners and their families looking to old-school up their indoor time.

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners


1) Kikkerland Cat Lovers Gift Set

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

Cat lovers will er, love the Kikkerland Cat Lovers Gift Set 'cuz there's just SO much to love inside the gorgeous cat-patterned gift box! The set includes a regulation-sized deck of “3D Cat” lenticular poker-size playing cards, 5 different cat magnets, a black cat LED pen, and a small box of 12 “Cat Paw” mini emery boards.

So much to satisfy both you and your cat, though the latter will likely hate the emery boards should you dare to file her claws. Dog lovers can get in on the action too, though they only get the deck of 3D Dog lenticular poker-size playing cards and none of the other goodies. Sucks to be you, Fido! (playing cards images above and at top via           


2) Artlist Collection “The Dog” Playing Cards

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

You've probably seen “The Dog” somewhere before – images of these curiously cute “big nosed” barkers have been turning up for years on posters, school supplies, mugs, and now playing cards. This deck of 54 poker-size cards features 54 different dog breeds; one for each card plus two jokers, aka “wild cards”.

“The Dog” playing cards also come in a “mini” pocket-sized format ideal for travel or young children. Cat lovers can get in on the big-nosed action too by ordering up a special deck of “The Cat” Playing Cards featuring delightfully fish-eye lens photos of dozens of cat breeds including Abyssinians, Bengals, Munchkins, Persians, Ragdolls, tabbies, shorthairs and more! (playing cards image via                          


3) Sweet Cat Playing Cards

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

Novelty playing cards are a dime a dozen but if you want your cards to go the distance, opt for an established brand. Bicycle, made in the USA by the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company) is about established as it gets and this deck of Sweet Cat Playing Cards is a longstanding favorite.

Each card features a different cat and if that isn't enough to make you smile, 7% of the cards' net profit from sales will be donated to causes serving abandoned cats. (playing cards image via                                         


4) Ridley's Dog Lovers Deck

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

The Dog Lover's deck of playing cards from Ridley's Games makes a great gift due to its durable and decorative metal container measuring 4" long by 3.25" wide by x 1" high. Each poker-sized playing card features a lovely hand-illustrated image of a different breed of canine.

The set includes 54 unique cards featuring most of the popular dog breeds – West Highland Terriers, Dalmations, Papillons, Shih Tzu's and more – each with a concise description of the featured breed's most noteworthy attributes. Cat fanciers rejoice, there's a Ridley's Cat Lovers deck available as well! (playing cards image via                                      


5) The New Yorker Cat Cartoon Playing Cards

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

The New Yorker magazine has been entertaining us since the first issue, featuring the high-collared and monocled Dandy Eustace, hit the newsstands in 1925. One of the magazines most notable features are the oft-humorous (though occasionally inscrutable) one-panel cartoons. Now the New York Puzzle Company has released a set of poker-sized The New Yorker Cat Cartoon Playing Cards with each card displaying a classic cat-themed New Yorker cartoon.

Fear not, dog lovers, there's also a set of The New Yorker Dog Cartoon Playing Cards! You can purchase each set individually at, or get this very cool Dog & Cat Double Deck Set, packed in a nifty -out-drawer carrying case, direct from New York Puzzle Company. (playing cards image via New York Puzzle Company                                    


6) John Littleboy's “Pack of Dogs” Playing Cards

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

Here's one of the most eye-popping pet-themed playing card decks around, courtesy of Artiphany and California-based artist John Littleboy. Each card features an amusing vignette by Littleboy with the face cards displaying the artist's unique take on royalty gone to the dogs.

Cats get the Littleboy treatment as well, strutting their stuff in the Kitten Club poker-size deck of playing cards. Both decks include 52 playing cards, 2 jokers, a special information card that ranks the various poker hands neatly ensconced inside a durable tuck-style carrying case. (playing cards image via                                        


7) “Meow Star” Cat Playing Cards

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

Meow Star playing cards from BOCOPO combine striking beauty with eminent practicality. The backs feature a colorful collage of cat paws while the non-face cards each incorporate a tiny cat-themed detail that doesn't distract from their prime purpose as playing cards.

The face cards are simply breathtaking: eye-friendly backgrounds in soft pastel blue (for black suits) and terra-cotta (for red suits) showcase uniquely beautiful renderings of royal felines. These cards are almost too nice to actually play with but go ahead and do just that – they're made to last by the pro's at USPCC. (playing cards image via                                     


8) “Dogs: A Fetching Deck of Creative Canines”

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

Attention all culture vultures, Chet Phillips' Dogs: A Fetching Deck of Creative Canines has got something for everyone... and seemingly everyone of note is here, from “Labrador Dali” to “Bjark” and many more! Phillips channels our inner puppies via 52 smile-inducing canine portraits. Each of the four suits focuses on authors, artists, musicians and film stars, respectively.

The poker-sized deck also includes two different jokers that pay homage to “Rover Dangerfield” and George Curlin”, an extra card, and a durable tuck box to keep them in. This wildly entertaining deck of playing cards can be purchased online at the Chet Phillips Illustration home page. (playing cards image via World of Playing Cards)                                       


9) The Magic Neko Deck

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

The otherworldly and ethereal Magic Neko playing card and oracle deck consists of 54 unique cat/koan cards (2 are jokers) breathtakingly illustrated by artist and Etsy shop owner Stasia Burrington. The cards are handmade and employ 310gsm linen cardstock that provides a lush texture and ensures lasting durability.

Whether your aim is playing card games or divining the future, the Magic Neko deck has got you covered... and the included fold-out Oracle Guide makes the whole divination thing as easy as psi. (playing cards image via stasiab)                                       


10) Wonderful Wieners Playing Cards

Dog & Cat Playing Card Decks For Self-Isolating Pet Owners

Everyone's a wiener with Wonderful Wieners Playing Cards from Aquarius! This officially licensed deck of poker-sized and linen-finished playing cards salutes the not-so-humble Dachshund in all its glory... at least, 52 versions of said glory. The cards are quite colorful, although the various dogs pictured are all “red wieners”, according to the seller.

Another oddity is that the stated manufacturer's recommended age is “14 years and up” - which strikes us as odd because kids are certain to love the look, the style and of course the many cute Dachshund images. Guess you have to be of a certain age if you want to play with wieners! (playing cards image via   


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