Instant "Alien Ramen" made with seriously scary-looking Warusubo fish can be nuked from orbit (to be sure) or in your microwave for a quick snack.  

Alien Ramen Will Hug Your Ribs, Face

OK, this is where our moniker “Creature Features” earns its stripes, being that the nightmarishly creepy but very much real Warusubo fish features prominently in this weird instant ramen from Fukuoka, Japan.

Warusubo (Odontamblyopus lacepedii) are a type of Eel Goby native to muddy ocean floors off China, Korea and Japan. “The species is edible”, according to the relevant Wikipedia page... no doubt the Warusubo feel the same way about us.

Alien Ramen Will Hug Your Ribs, Face

Locals from the Fukuoka region have dubbed these fish the “Alien of the Ariake Sea” due to their tiny, flush eyes, torpedo-like bodies and mouths brimming with many sharp and pointy teeth. It's not certain whether the nickname predates the release of the horror sci-fi flick “Alien”, or the otherworldly creatures from the film franchise inspired the creation of this bizarre instant ramen.

In any case, local food company Yoakedyaya Shop has found a way to employ this regional delicacy in such a way that plays up their bizarre appearance, as if that was even necessary. Freaky graphics on the packaging ensure buyers who want aliens will get aliens... and we don't mean cute little green men, either.   

Alien Ramen Will Hug Your Ribs, Face

Alien Ramen consists of locally grown wheat noodles... nothing weird about that. Accompanying the dried noodle block is a foil packet of flavoring bearing a single word: “ALIEN”. The powder within comprises dried Warusubo soup stock tinted a bold green hue with dried gardenia flower powder. Because, y'know, green is the color of aliens (not grey, that would look yucky and unappetizing).

You can order Alien Ramen online from the OMG Japan (English language) product page, while it and other Warusubo-infused products are listed at the Yoakedyaya Shop's Japanese language website. Last but not least, remember... in space, no one can hear you slurp.