The Alien Facehugger Dog Leash is certain to haunt your dreams – and possibly your dog's dreams, too. Sold by Etsy shop GCFX, the sci-fi inspired dog leash with integral harness works best on dark-colored dogs and probably won't morph into a chest-burster by morning. 

According to GCFX, this Alien accessory for domestic dogs is handmade and airbrush painted. Designed to fit small to medium-sized dogs weighing 15-35 pounds, the leash is fastened via a velcro closure and as the Facehugger is crafted from foam, it's quite lightweight.

The harness is also lightweight and is composed of durable mesh. The leash extends out from the body of the Facehugger disguised as its tail, ending in a loop for secure control by the dog-owner.

We're not sure why the seller used a stuffed dog as a model... perhaps all the available modeling pooches had already seen one or more of the Alien flicks. In any case, the Alien Facehugger Dog Leash is priced at $150 so conduct yourself accordingly. (via Geekologie)