IKEA has issued a global recall for their LURVIG pet water dispensers after two dogs perished when their heads became trapped in the device's plastic dome.  

ALERT: IKEA Recalling LURVIG Pet Water Dispensers

The recalled water dispenser is one of 41 dog-friendly and 34 cat-friendly items in the popular LURVIG (Swedish for “furry”) line introduced in October of 2017. IKEA sold 7,767 water dispensers in Canada between the introduction date and the recall announcement in July of 2018. The item has been removed from IKEA's online catalog in both the USA and Canada.

Although the two reported fatalities did not occur in Canada, the company is recalling ALL water dispensers in the LURVIG line sold worldwide, due to a “suffocation hazard”. The dispenser was priced at $7.99 at IKEA stores in the United States.

ALERT: IKEA Recalling LURVIG Pet Water Dispensers

“At IKEA, the safety and security of our products is our top priority, which is why we have decided to recall the LURVIG water dispenser,” stated Petra Axdorff, Business Area Manager at IKEA of Sweden AB, in an official press release announcing the recall. “We are deeply saddened by these events and know that pets are important and loved family members for many of our customers.”  

If you bought a LURVIG pet water dispenser at the Returns & Exchange department at any IKEA store, the company is urging that you return it to any IKEA store in exchange for a full refund. Proof of purchase and/or sales receipt are not required.