The newest addition to the American Kennel Club's recognized breeds is the Azawakh, (AH-ZA-WAHK), a dog which has thrived with nomadic Taureg tribes on the Sahara for hundreds of years.


Azawakh Pupples

Azawakh pupples (AKC)


She is a noble dog, a sighthound, like the Greyhound, Whippet, Afghan Hound, Wolfhound, Whippet, and many other well-known members of the category. They are great hunters who depend on their sight and their speed rather than their hearing to hunt. An exquisite breed, the Azawakh has been around for hundreds of years in the Sahara, but only since the 1990's in the United States. There are now enough quality breeders in the U.S. that the AKC has officially given the Azawakh full AKC registration as of January 1, 2019. The breed can participate in AKC-registered shows beginning in 2020.


Azawakh by Fahim Kel As'Amour

Azawakh by Fahim Kel As'Amour


Everyone is curious about a newly registered dog and people often like to consider getting a new breed just to be different. Of course, this is never a good reason to buy a dog. You should always do extremely careful research on any breed before you buy a puppy, so you already know if that breed is a good fit for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

I would say that, in particular, you should do your homework on the Azawakh. An Azawakh is not a Retreiver or a Beagle or a Maltese. He does not necessarily get along with children, other pets, including other dogs, or adults outside of his immediate household unless he is carefully trained to do so and, even then, may not be totally trusted to be alone with them.

That being said, an Azawakh makes an affectionate companion and protector of her adult owner. Azawakhs love to run, play, and they are great hunters - which is why you want to keep them away from other pets and children who may be running or playing.


Azawakh by Cristian Vantu

Azawakh by Cristian Vantu


On the topic of outdoors, Azawakhs are desert dogs; they do not belong in cold, wet climates. They don't have much fat on them, nor do they have a thick coat.

Azawakhs are great running companions, are sturdy, healthy dogs, intended to remain true to their sleek forms. They need about a half-hour to an hour of solid exercise every day and the rest of the day, they are happy to be a couch potato with their favorite human. They can cozy up with their owner or they can be aloof. Though they can be independent, they hate loneliness.

I have read considerably about this breed. It's one to be approached gingerly and gently only after you have asked permission of the owner. She is not a mean dog, not at all, but she may be timid and nervous around new people and pets. The Azawakh is a dog you keep for life, as she will not do well in a shelter and does not adjust easily to new environments.

The Azawakh is a beautiful, gentle, and loyal dog to his owner and would fit beautifully in the right home. But do your research very carefully, because not doing your research might result in a wonderful dog being left in a shelter.


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