Lily, the guinea pig (dog) for her parents TrimDog Weight Loss System, releases her before and after photos to the press....

Fat is bad for humans and it's just as bad for dogs.  Carrying around excess pounds can lead to diabetes, heart problems, arthritis... the same problems in dogs as in humans.  If fat dogs were human, they'd have huge tires around their bellies, but they're dogs, so they just get beefy all over. 

But an exercise physiologist and a dietitian, who happen to be married to each other, developed an exercise and diet plan for dogs, the centerpiece of which is the TrimDog Weight Belt.

Here was Lily, the inspiration for the TrimDog Weight Loss System, dog of entrepreneurs Ike and Anna Kinlaw at 18.7 pounds.


Lily's "Before" photo at 18.7 pounds: © TrimDogLily's "Before" photo at 18.7 pounds: © TrimDog


And here Lily is today, a trim 14.3 pounds, thanks to her TrimDog diet and exercise program.


Lily's "After" photo, showing off her TrimDog Wieght Belt, at 14.3 pounds: © TrimDogLily's "After" photo, showing off her TrimDog Wieght Belt, at 14.3 pounds: © TrimDog

The TrimDog Weight Loss System includes:

  • Detailed Dog Exercise Program
  • Detailed Dog Nutrition Program
  • TrimDog Weight Belt with Harness and Collar Adaptor (in several sizes)
  • Six different 16 week Exercise Plans
  • Dry-erase Workout Log with Marker
  • Pet Parents Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Online support with our dog weight loss specialists
  • One GO FETCH! dog toy retrieval pad

TrimDog Weight Loss Program package: © TrimDogTrimDog Weight Loss Program package: © TrimDog
"Hey, fat boy!  Get movin!"

Update:  Trimdog now has its system available through Amazon.
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