We all love to send funny videos to our friends. This year, I thought I would share a few of my favorite short videos of pets doing their 'thing' to celebrate the season!


Screenshot from Freshpet's Santa's Elves Wrapping Presents

Screenshot: Freshpet's Santa's Elves


Hilarious Christmas Pet Video: Freshpet Holiday Feast

Every year, Freshpet makes food donations to animal shelters, especially at Christmas time. As part of its donation, the company produces a Christmas video of shelter animals enjoying the holidays in order to help promote the adoptability of shelter animals. This video, produced in 2014, is the Freshpet Holiday Feast, showing 13 Dogs And 1 Cat Eating With Human Hands. Swallow before viewing!



Hilarious Christmas Pet Video: Barcroft Animals Best Friends Dog And Duck Celebrate Christmas

Here's a fun video by Barcroft Animals of a dog and his pal, who happens to be a duck. As luck would have it, it doesn't look like the dog's going to get any peace this Christmas! The dog is not hen-pecked, he's duck-pecked!




Heartwarming Christmas Pet Video: Jack Russell Terrier Christmas, Michael Sanchez

Here's a Jack Russell who's hoping Santa will bring him some toys and bones.




Hilarious Christmas Pet Video: Petfresh Santa's Elves

I can't resist sharing another Freshpet Christmas video with you. This one from December, 2015 shows pets as Santa's Elves wrapping Christmas gifts. These shelter dogs are obviously enjoying the event.




Heartwarming Pet Christmas Video: Puppies Celebrate Christmas By Devinsupertramp

This well-edited video takes us through the Christmas day of 5 (I think) really young puppies. See if you can figure out just how many there are in this video!



I hope Santa brings you and your pets everything you wish for this holiday season, and that you will enjoy sharing these videos with your loved ones.





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