Namsan Pet Screen Door

Namsan Pet Screen Door


Pet doors are one of my favorite home gadgets because they solve a logistical problem for your pet and they mitigate the guilt you feel for not being a pet doorman.

You may already have a pet door installed in your hardwood entry door, but in warmer weather, it's nice to leave your screen doors open to bring fresh air into your home. Don't worry, merchandisers have just the solution for that too - a pet screen door.

Here are some well-reviewed pet screen doors that each have unique features for your home's unique needs.


1. Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door


Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door

Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door


The Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door is unique in that the pet door is for a screen guard, not a screen doorSo if you already have a mesh guard or are planning to purchase one like the one shown above, then this pet door is what you need. The guard does not come with the pet door.

This model comes in medium and extra-large. The medium is for pets 12 to 35 pounds; the flap size is 11.25" top to bottom and 7" side to side. The large size is for pets weighing 35 to 90 pounds; the flap size is 15" top to bottom and 10.5" side to side.

Customers with screen guards really like Ideal Screen Guard Pet Door, writing how easy it is to install and how sturdy it is.


2. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door


Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door


Perhaps you don't already have a screen door... You may have heard of magnetic ones, which are pretty easy to install, great for all size pets and people, and are easy on the budget. The Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door is a popular, highly-rated, magnetic screen. Not only is it practical, with pleats that fold up accordion-style if you need to keep the screen wide open for a period of time, but it's not-bad looking at all!

Flux Phenom fits doorways 38" or less in width and 82" or less in height, but you are not confined to using it only on typical doorways. Several customers report using the Flux Phenom in sliding door openings, but use you're imagination; as long as the measurements are right for your opening, you should be able to use the Flux Phenom.

The screen has 26 magnet closings, it's made from a fine mesh that keeps out mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects. It comes with high-quality black hardware for installation and hook and loop closings for extra security.



The Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door is high-quality without being high-price.


3.  Namsan Pet Screen Door


Namsan Pet Screen Door

Namsan Pet Screen Door


The Namsan Pet Screen Door offers its own screen, which will result in you having a screen within a screen! I love this design, as it offers your pets a place to scratch - either to remind you that the pet door is locked or for your cat to sharpen his claws. Customers say the screen is durable.

There are two sizes of the Namson Pet Screen Door: for small dogs and cats with a flap opening of 8.25" W x 10.4" H and for larger dogs with a flap opening of 12" wide and 14" high.

Namsan Pet Screen Door


(I think the word 'fixation' in the above image means that the frame is affixed to your screen with screws.)

This is a very easy pet door to install. You remove the big pet paw from the frame, put just the frame around the part of your door screen where you want the pet door, and then cut the door screen. Once that is complete you can re-insert the big pet paw and it will flap in or out of your screen door when you pet is ready! (You don't have to rely on my instructions; the product manufacturer includes them and there is also a YouTube video describing the process.

Here's a great video by boxer mom Amber Lehr, showing her two guys learning to use their large size Namsan Pet Screen Door:




4. PetSafe Pet Screen Door


PetSafe Pet Screen Door

PetSafe Pet Screen Door


This pet screen door is similar to the Namsam in function. The frame is placed over the area of the screen where you intend to have the pet door, but the PetSafe Pet Screen Door clips together rather than screwing together, which sounds a lot easier to someone not mechanically inclined. You then cut your own screen out of the inset and replace it with the PetSafe Screen. PetSafe states that the screen is compatible with "most metal or vinyl coated fiber screen storm doors."  It can also be used in window screens.

The PetSafe Pet Screen Door comes in sizes small and large. For the size small (for pets under 30 lb.) the flap opening is 8" wide by 9.25" high. The large size is for pets up to 100 lb., and the flap opening size is 10.25" wide by 17.125" high. Measure your pets according to the chart below:


PetSafe Pet Screen Door

PetSafe Pet Screen Door


Your choice of this pet screen may depend on your pet's energy level coming in and going out of your home. Some customers with 'enthusiastic' dogs say that when their dogs bound through the pet door with a lot of energy, the PetSafe frame comes apart. This may be because the clip closure doesn't withstand the force. Several customers provide remedies for this issue in their product reviews.


Measure your pet carefully before purchasing any pet door. That will save you a lot of after-purchase grief. Also scan through the reviews of these pet doors, as you are likely to find pet owners with unique perspectives on installing the doors, and they will give you inspiration!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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