MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box

MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box


You don't want dog toys strewn all over your home and you certainly don't want your family or guests to be tripping all over your pets' toys. So why not have a cool place to keep them?

Pet toys need a home too!

Besides the mess and the danger pet toys can create in your home, a special place to keep pet toys is also about letting your pet enjoy picking out a toy she really wants to play with 'in the moment.'

Dogs actually enjoy going through their toys just to pick out the very one they want at that moment. And if, in the process of choosing just that toy, your dog throws all the other dog toys out of her toy box, she's had a load of fun doing it!

You can find a nice large cardboard box to keep your pet's toys.  But you can also find some special storage containers made just for dog (or cat) toys that would look better in your home than a cardboard box.

You will want to match the size of the toy container to the size of your dog. A toy or small size dog will need a shorter container like the MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Toy Box, below. A large dog would love the MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box, and a medium size dog... Well, she might be very happy with the MPI WOOD Crate With Paw Handle.  If your dog has to reach too far down in the box to pick a toy, he might not be motivated to pick one. Also the quantity of your dog's toys should play a factor in the size of his toy box.  

I love the MPI WOOD designs because you can polish, finish, paint them, or place imaginative stickers on them. You can even adhere cloth to them that matches your interior, if you are really into making the toy boxes feel at home. MPI WOOD also makes wood letters and numbers you can affix to your pet's toy boxes.

Be cautious though: If you are placing the MPI WOOD boxes on a wood floor, don't forget to put some felt stickers on the bottom of the crates, so they won't scratch your floors!


1. MPI WOOD Crate With Paw Handle


MPI Wood Crate With Paw Handle

MPI WOOD Crate With Paw Handle


Made in the U.S. of pine wood, the MPI WOOD Crate With Paw Handle weighs 8 pounds and measures 18 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches, great for a medium to large dog who has a decent size toy collection! This crate does come assembled.


2. MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Toy Box

MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Toy Box

MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Toy Box


Smaller dogs will enjoy choosing toys from the Baltic Birch Toy Box, 20 x 16.5 x 8.2 inches. Baltic Birch is actually a pure birch plywood . It comes from countries around the Baltic Sea, but the Toy Box is made in the U.S. by MPI Wood. This toy box is delivered unassembled, but is pretty easy to put together; it does come with instructions. 

Here again, you can be quite imaginative in coloring or decorating these boxes.


3. MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box


MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box

MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box


Wow! According to MPI WOOD, the Large Toy Box was designed so that you could play a retrieval game with your dog, by throwing her toys back into the box when she pulls them out of the large entry at bottom. It does look like fun!

The MPI WOOD Baltic Birch Large Toy Box comes unassembled, but doesn't require much effort to put together. Length and width of the box are each 15.5 inches. It is 24 inches high. Even though this box is rather tall, remember that a small dog can remove toys from the entrance on the bottom, so really it accommodates all size dogs.


P.S. Yes, cat toys can be placed in the above boxes, although cats don't tend to retrieve toys by themselves. But how about this exquisitely carved cat box (21 x 15 x 15 inches), just ready for a cushion and a few toys to bat around!





You can find more MPI WOOD products here! Their products have some of the best reviews I've seen on Amazon!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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