The woman on the left in the image below is me! Not literally me, but my alter ego! She is demonstrating what I experience every time I pour my dog's food from the bag. Even if it's a smaller bag!


PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container

PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container


Which pet parent are you? Are you also the parent on the left?

If so, you will be smart to switch to the PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container seen in the the image on the right!  If you already have a large pet food container, use it for another purpose. (You can store paper bags, wrapping paper, kid's toys, towels, and many other items in pet food containers.) 

PetFusion's Portable Pet Food Container has it paws down above the others. Compare!

* Does your current pet food container hold as much as 20 pounds of kibble?

* Does your pet food container smoothly glide over your flooring surfaces so you can store it in your garage and pour it in your kitchen?

• Do you have to feed your dog or cat where the container is located? Or do you pour your pet's food in one room and carry it back to your pet's feeding spot? You can guide this feeder right up to your pet's bowl!


PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container

PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container


* Does your pet food container have a tall handle so you can glide it across the floor without breaking your back?

* Does it have wheels so you can glide it easily over your flooring?


PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container


Maybe so, maybe not. But wait! Here are more special features of the PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container:

* A large pouring handle that helps you balance the food in the container while you pour.

* And an adjustable spout so you can control how much food comes out at one time. (That dog mom on the left of the first image above could have used an adjustable spout!)

See how easy it is?


PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container


* A secure container lid that keeps food from spilling out and keeps the little ones (human and animal) from making mischief with the food.


PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container

 PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container


* A sleek profile that's a compact 16. 5" high, 8. 8" wide, and x 19. 0" high, easily fitting in a closet, storage cabinet, or corner of your kitchen.

* And the PetFusion Container is made of high quality polypropylene, one of the most durable materials used to manufacture a wide range of consumer products.

* Not just durable, but 100 percent recyclable

* You can even see the food level through the container, so you don't have to guess at what's left.

* Of course, the PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container is washable - with just soap and water.1


PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container


Now, I've given you 13 great reasons to try the PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container. You will be making a long-lasting contribution to a less stressful feeding time for you and your pets.


1It's very important to wash all pet food containers before refilling them, as bacteria will have grown in the container. Additionally, it is not wise to add a fresh bag of food to an older supply of food because the old food will contain bacteria too.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee

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