Do you have a long week at the office? Need to finish up that research paper before the end of the semester? Don’t you just want to drop everything that you’re doing to go visit the zoo, but you just can’t? Transform your desktop with these beautiful zoo animal wallpapers and pretend you’re there until you get to enjoy winter break!

Snarling Tiger


Chilling Leopard


Lion Family


Frosty Bison


Scenic Kangaroo


Grazing Hippo


Snoozing Grizzly Bear


Mucky Crocodile


Hiding Mountain Gorilla


Friendly Zebras


Vibrant Toucan


Strolling White Rhinoceros


I hope that you all enjoyed this batch of zoo animal themed wallpapers! What animals deserve to rule the next batch of wallpapers? Graceful dolphins? Crawly bugs? Scaly snakes? If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments below, and just remember that winter break and the holidays are just a few weeks away!

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