Anyone who's every had a pet bird knows how bored they become in cages. Even a companion bird doesn't provide enough stimulation.

Birds are naturally curious, have the need to explore, and the instinct to hunt and forage for their food. Nature's Instincts, a company that creates toys for pets that satisty their natural instincts, has designed a number of fun, fantastic toys for pet birds that challenge them and match their curiosity and instincts for fun and mischief too.

Here are 10 bird masterpiece toys from Nature's Instincts...

1. Tiki Takeout Bird Toy

Don't just give your bird food in a dish every day. That's no fun! Give birds challenges, by hiding treats in bird-friendly toys that stimulate their minds and satisfy their natural foraging instincts. Here are just some of the foraging "stimulants" from Natural Instincts...

if your bird loves to chew, this toy's for him. Put the treat behind the dowls and say goodbye to the dowels... (Purchase a few extra packs of dowels while you're at it!) (Buy here )


A real takeout restaurant, or should it be "take-apart_ restaurant.


2. The Zig Zag Bird Toy

Birds love challenges! Now here's one for his mind ! (Buy here )



Don't believe me? Watch this!


3. Rain Stick Bird Toy

Keep your bird busy making music with sounds of the rain forest that emanate from the Rain Stick. Birds love these sounds (and so do humans!) (Buy here )



4. Parrot's Treasure Bird Toy

To release his favorite treat, your bird has to turn the the keys of this bird toy and pull one of them! (Buy here )


It's all here in enjoyable technicolor!


5. Birdie Basketball Toy

Not just a basketball "court," but a full bird gym with a swing, agility hoops, and even free weights for pumping iron! What a gas for you and your birds!


Birdie Basketball ToyBirdie Basketball Toy

You can help out by showing your bird what to do here....

Here's Muscle Teil!

6. Rings of Fortune Bird Toy

Five levels of challenges here for your bird. Like a five-layer cake, you can use a different filling (treat) in each level! Your bird has to line up all the rings to get the treats inside! (Buy here)



7. Stick of Dynamite Bird Toy

For chewers and preeners this toy will give your bird hours of pleasure. It's frame consists of tightly rolled coconut leaves and it's adorned with lots of sisal for preening! (Buy here )



8. Barrel of Fun Bird Toy

The barrel hides a treat, of course, but there's a trick, of course, to opening the barrel. (Buy here)

Let's watch how the parrot has a Barrel of Fun!


9. Party Ball Bird Toy

The Party Ball is paper maché wrap with a secret stash in the center (that you supply). Depending on how hungry your bird is at the time, he'll either follow the line of the paper or just chew right through the ball. For that reason, you may want to get a few: Natural Instincts sells them as 2 and 4 inch balls or you can purchase a cluster of three 2" balls, or three 4" balls. (Buy here)

10. Turn 'n Learn Logs Bird Toy

The Turn 'n Learn is more challenging than it looks! If you need a break from your bird, one of these should do nicely! The bird-in-action videos for Turn 'n Learn are 3 to 5 minutes, so if you would like to see them, here's a link. (Buy here )

It's a good idea to Introduce new toys to your birds one at a time, so that they are not overwhelmed, like kids at Christmas, with so many new things. Another pointer I can share is not to keep too many toys in the cage at one time. Give your birds plenty of room to move around and swap out the toys every few weeks, once he's learned how to manipulate them.

Bird toys from Nature's Instinct!

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