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PetsLady.com is one of the most popular websites for dog, cat and other animal lovers.  We focus on providing the latest news and  fun and interesting stories about pets and other animals. We also provide helpful information and unbiased reviews and recommendations on the products and services you need for your pets.   PetsLady.com also discovers and highlights cool, fun, funny and unique gift ideas for animal lovers.

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Our Writing Team 

We have team of several experienced bloggers writing for our site.  Many of us met each other writing for InventorSpot.com - The Most Popular Invention Website in the World and decided to work together to focus on building a really fun and helpful site for pet owners and others who love animals.

Our news writing team includes:

Laurie Kay Olson - writes on the latest animal and pet news. She also writes non-news articles for PetsLady as Kitty Devine. Laurie Kay has written for Colorado Daily in the past, and lives on her urban farm in a Colorado trailer park with her cat, Naomi.

Myra Per-Lee - covers unusual news and, often, controversial stories about animals and pets.  A devoted pet mom and animal activist (not affiliated with PETA), Myra's career as a writer has spanned three decades and dozens of subjects areas, throughout her career as a college professor and administrator. Myra's many interests are shared with readers of PetsLady and InventorSpot under several aliases. Myra lives in California.

Ron Callari -  writes on interesting animal news and stories. Ron Callari (aka "Social Media Scientist") is a pet enthusiast who has owned German Shepherds and Siamese Cats over the years.  Presently the proud owner of a Yellow-sided Conure, named "Gauguin," he has his work cut out for him in teaching him how to paint. Ron lives in New Jersey.

Steve Levenstein is a features writer highlighting news, views and musings on pets and their owners. When not attracting you with his "animal magnetism", Steve can be found churning out articles on the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas from China and Japan at InventorSpot.com blogs China.new and Japanorama. Steve has over 20 years of writing experience and lives in Canada.

Our general writing team is made up of almost a dozen writers including:

John P. Barker - is our fun animal videos and fun animal stories writer. John also writes about gadgets (both practical and just plain crazy) for pets and pet-lovers from time to time.  A former writer for InventorSpot.com, John currently writes articles for Robot Magazine and has a variety of other projects in the works.  His best buddy is a very large cat named Buster who will occasionally make guest appearances in his blog.

Kitty Devine - aka Laurie Olson, write on cool and fun stuff to buy and gift ideas for animal lovers of all types.

Lady Bee - aka Myra Per-Lee,  focuses on scientific, medical, historical and other noteworthy pet and animal stories. She also covers some of the best pet products from around the world and helpful info for pet owners on the care of their pet.

Lady Bug - aka Kat Zand, writes on the seriously cute and seriously bizarre. She likes finding silly, ingenious and odd things on the web and focuses on creating fun articles for PetsLady.com. Kat has over 10 years of web publishing experience.

M Dee Dubroff - writes lovely and heartwarming stories of all of the special and noteworthy animals in our world. From hero pets, police cats, military dogs, and all the numerous service animals, she shares stories of those special animals that help us have better lives. 

Rebecca West - shares her expertise and know-how in caring for your dogs, cats and other pets. From product recommendations to care and DIY tips, Rebecca helps improve your life as well as that of your pets with her practical, eco-friendly and no nonsense approach to pet care. She also picks and shares some of the most interesting animal news stories you want to read. 

Serena Dorman - covers the funny and quirky side of the animal kingdom. Serena posts weekly with her series on the funniest pet tweets of the week. She also creates and curates some of the most clever and zany stories of the cutest and funniest animals and products in our world.


Our Management Team

PetsLady.com is owned by Halcyon Solutions, Inc., a privately owned website company. The management team includes:

  • Michelle Blu - Founder and Content Manager

  • Kat Zand - General Manager

  • Ken Casey - Webmaster and Technical Manager

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