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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Can’t Take Home A Favorite Zoo Animal? Build One With Bloco Toys!

Are you bored with today’s building toys? Looking for a fun project to test out your assembly skills? Bloco has you covered with a series of entertaining construction sets that challenge you to make an adorable animal toy or two:

Cutest Cat Ever -- The Super Cute Animal Video of the Day!!!

C'mon.  You know you want one of these.  That picture has "snuggle" written all over it.  And the video is even more cute....

The Scarlet Macaw Genome Has Been Sequenced & Why You Should Care

The big and beautiful scarlet macaw is the latest of a growing club of animals that have had their genomes mapped to learn more about the creature’s genes. Let’s take a closer look at why scientists need to know what makes macaws so unique:

Pets In History: Queen Victoria's Favorites

Today is the anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth almost 200 years ago in 1819. She is best remembered for ushering in the stiff and repressive "Victorian Era," and for being the longest reigning monarch in British history. She was also a tender and loving woman with a number of pets she treasured dearly. Her love of animals even helped her emotionally after the death of her husband, Prince Albert.

Product Review – Dynamo Dog Treats by Cloud Star

All natural ingredients, easily digestible, no filler, and your dog will actually want to eat it! Scribbles and I were given a first look at the entire line of Cloud Star’s Dynamo Dog treats, and we are more than impressed with the wholesome treats. Read on for all of the yummy details!

“Virgin” Anteater Gives Birth, Baffles Zoo Staff

It looks like we may have learned something new about the gestation period of giant anteaters, or that lonely anteaters aren’t easily deterred from getting some secret love. You decide!

505 Million Year-Old Creature: Precursor Of Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands

In an bizarre twist of a 'circle of life' tale or, perhaps, just a scientist's desire to immortalize one of his favorite movie stars -- an extinct crab-like creature is seeing the light of day, after 505 million years of anonymity.

Cheer For Our National Newts & Meet The 13 State Amphibians!

I’ve covered America’s patriotic crustaceans, bats and dinosaurs, but are you aware of the United States’ favorite frogs and toads? I’ve collected the full squishy set of amphibians for you below for today’s history lesson:

Waltzing Matilda: The Famous Algonquin Cat

The historic Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan is best known for the Algonquin Round Table -- a daily gathering of journalists, actors, authors, and publicists beginning in 1919. For ten years the "Vicious Circle" met to exchange ideas and barbs. A few years later a battered stray cat waltzed through the front door to establish himself as the resident cat. The hotel has had a cat in residence ever since.

Drunk Safari Guide Rushes Bull African Elephant Head On! (Video)

Alcohol, safari trips and dangerous animals don’t mix, as this terrifying video demonstrates:

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