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NoClean Aquariums Presents The Easiest Pet Betta Fish Environment Ever (Video!)

Have you ever wanted a desktop betta pet, but hate the smelly responsibilities of replacing dirty water? Form meets function with NoClean!

'Edward Snowden' Of The Animal Kingdom Also Found On The Lam

When "Snowden-and-Rusty" turned into a Twitter meme over night, folks quickly thought that Edward Snowden might have had an accomplice. As the former government contractor charged with leaking top secret national security information, Snowden was the perfect foil for Rusty the red panda who escaped from the National Zoo in Washington, DC on June 24.

Cute Baby Chimpanzee -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This baby chimpanzee is super cute.  Rescued from his mother (who was trying to kill him), Hjördis is now in the care of the fine folks at Öland's Djurpark in Sweden.  He looks pretty happy...

$600,000 Grant Given To University, Learned Why Chimps Throw Poo

Actually, the grant for $592,527 was presented to Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center in 2011 to learn exactly why chimpanzees fling feces at others…

Blue Whale! The Gigantic Animal Video of the Day!!!

This 44 minute documentary from the always excellent National Geographic gives some great insight on this little known, yet massive, mammal.  It is well worth checking out, not only because of the educational content, but also because of how well made it is.  Some of the photography is beautiful...

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Cat Has A Measurable Issue

This cute cat thought he'd finally licked his OCD problem until his owners whipped out the tape measure. Sign that cat to a contract... working in the mail room!

Crayon Dragon -- The Inspirational Animal Video of the Day!!!

Crayon Dragon is a wonderful little short film by an extremely talented animator--Toniko Pantoja.  It is worth 3 minutes of your time to check this out...

Macaque Goes Ape In Arkansas Animal Clinic!

Joey the macaque was going to temporarily stay at an animal clinic while his owner was away, but he made a daring, yet brief escape from his cage…

Praying Mantis Eating a... Hummingbird?!?!? The "Egad!" Animal Video fo the Day!

Apparently this praying mantis longs for more than just bees for lunch.  I'd never seen anything like this before...

Don't Mistake The Yawn Of Animals As A Sign Of Not Catching Enough Z's [Videos]

"Yawn" derives from the Old English words 'Ginian' and 'Gionian' meaning to "open the mouth wide, as if to gape." It is a reflex action of simultaneous inhalation of air and stretching of the eardrums, followed by exhalation of breath. In man, it's commonly associated with tiredness, stress, overwork, lack of stimulation and boredom, though recent studies show it may be linked to the cooling of the brain. However in animals, there are a number of reasons why certain animals take to yawning.

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