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What does you means this is a horse? I thoughts it was justs a weird smelling dog.

BB-8 is the breakout character from the upcoming new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.  But, how will he fare against a ferocious feline?

A little mores to ther left. No, a smidge backs to ther right. Ahhhhhhhh! That's ther spots!

Well, Fall is finally upon us.  The calming winds and lower temperatures.  The beauty of trees in showing off multiple colors.  The alligators walking around...

I justs love it when Mom reads to us, evens when I don't understands all ther human wordses.

It turns out that all you need is a hose to make a raccoon very, very happy.

One budgie is cute.  A million budgies is a bit overwhelming.  Just the noise alone would be something bordering on insanity...

"I'm singings in ther rain, justs singings in ther rain! Whats a glorious feelings, I'm happy agains!"