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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Cat Versus Cat Balloon! Who Will Reign Supreme? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay... just by this picture, you can see what's coming.  I wouldn't put any bets on the balloon...

Six Almost Immortal Animals! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Now, I'm not sure how accurate this is.  I mean, who knew that lobsters live pretty much forever until we eat them?  I must confess that I'm drooling a little bit as I write this as I am quite hungry--and love lobster.  Check out this video of some cool critters that live a long, long time...

The Aye Aye Animal Video of the Day!!!

What is an Aye Aye?  Well, to be honest with you, I had no idea until I saw this incredibly funny (and informative) video.  Let's just say I wouldn't want to mess with it's middle finger.  It looks quite sharp...

Peabody's Bath Time -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I don't know about you, but I find my morning shower to be the best part of my day.  It all goes down hill from there.  I suspect this little owl feels the same--though hopefully his day goes much better than many of mine.  I dunno... maybe he gets to eat a mouse or something.  Not that I particularly want to eat a mouse...

“Yummy” Chocolate-Covered Elephant Tusks Caught In Macau!

Illegal ivory dealers have to think creatively if they want to move items made from elephant tusks over borders, but drizzling them in chocolate and calling them candy bars didn’t work out too well for these guys…

Ormie the Pig -- The Animated Animal Video of the Day!!!

This little piggy will do anything to get to that jar of cookies!  If a pizza was up there, I'd be doing the same thing...

Ice Age Giants -- The Awesome Sabre Tooth Cat Animal Video of the Day!!!

As much as I love films with prehistoric creatures, I'm quite glad that they don't exist today.  They are, quite frankly, scary.  Take the sabre toothed cat, for example.  Um... definition of scary.

A Falcon Sharing Food With a Dog? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

It always surprises me how nature bucks the human concept of inter-species relationships and creates odd friendships.  You know... we always feel that cats and dogs won't get along (many times they do).  Or that a penguin and a polar bear won't get along.... Oh... wait.  They don't.  But this falcon and this dog--best buddies.

Google's Streets Takes A Walk On The Wild Side

Perhaps somewhat of a misnomer, Google's "Street Views" is broadening its definition of "streets" found on its popular "Street Views" feature to now include photo images of wildlife in zoos. This week, their Google Maps Blog, titled: "Visit lion, tigers and (panda) bears - Oh my!" announced they would be including animals found in zoos around the world.

If Animals Ate Fast Food -- The Funny Animal Video of the Day!!!

What if animals had access to fast food?  They could look like this... particularly the crocodile.  Do yourself a favor and watch this video.  It's really funny.