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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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You Shall Not Pass! The Brave Praying Mantis Animal Video of the Day!!!

This is one brave little bug!  He's not backin' down for nothin'!  The sheer bad-assness that this bug displays (plus her way cool ninja poses) make this video worth checking out.

Swimming Elephants -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm sure you've seen Dances With Wolves.  But Swimming With Elephants?  And what's really odd is that they look kind'a graceful in the water...

Is Your Reptile Cold? Perhaps You Need A Turtle Cozy

Everyone knows someone who is crazy about their dog and will dress them up in cute little (or strange little) outfits. Then there are the insane cat ladies. Now there is the tortoise addict and her inclination to crochet little sweaters or "cozies" for her reptilian pals. Not only that, she also makes them for sale. She donates 10% of the proceeds to International Reptile Rescue to help out her cold-blooded friends.

Whale Killer --- The Prehistoric Animal Video of the Day!!!

Again we have a great example of how modern special effects techonology and science can create a visually fantastic educational video.  In this case we're looking into a prehistoric predator known as the basilosaurus.  I wouldn't want to mess with this critter...

Ostrich Fight! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Once again we enter into one of those areas that really doesn't cross my mind.  Ostriches fighting each other has never entered my thought processes.  And its just plain weird looking as well....

Is The Camel As Much A Political Animal As The Elephant & Donkey?

While the two-party system would probably never consider changing their political icons, it's odd that very seldom (if ever) do you see one of our political figures riding either a donkey or elephant? And with the 21st Century well on its way and since both parties are often criticized for being stuck in the past, perhaps it's time for one of them to update their logo as a way to energize their base and motivate their constituencies.

SPCA Saves Deserted Tarantula In New York!

If your neighbors moved away and you noticed that they had left their pet dog, cat or bird behind, you would probably do something to rescue the neglected animal. But what if it was a tarantula?

Adventure Time Dancing Animal Video of the Day!!!

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.  This is a great example as to why I think everyone should watch this show just to make it through a rough day.

Polar Bear Needs To Take A Dance Lesson From A Sea Lion? [Video]

On Dancing With The Stars, we've learned that sometimes the least coordinated human can learn to dance. Save folks like Wynonna Judd who was recently voted off the current season, others like Donnie Osmond and Kirstie Alley (not known for being able to 'shake their tail feathers') proved not only able to excel quickly, but in some cases win the competition. But what about the animal kingdom- do they also have the moves?

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