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Bored? Want more fun in your life?

We have unique, unusual,  odd, bizarre, strange, weird, silly, wacky, cute, adorable and wonderful stories to share with you.

So if you are looking for Fun Stuff, come visit our Fun Site here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Mama Duck Versus Crows! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Don't mess with Mama!  This duck is fed up with the crows that are trying to get to her babies.  And she's not putting up with it anymore!

'Game of Thrones' & 'Walking Dead' Tough Guys Call For New Year's Resolutions To Help Animals

Peter Dinklage's portrayal of Tyrion Lannister in the 'Game of Thrones' makes him a warrior of consequence, irrespective of his size. Norman Reedus as the 'Walking Dead's' number-one archer has evolved into the guy you'd most like to have fighting for you if we were ever struck by an Zombie Apocalypse. However in real life, both of these fine actors have their collaborative soft sides.

This is an Amazing Dog! The Wow Animal Video of the Day!!!

Wow!  This dog, named Jumpy, is really intelligent--and agile.  This is what Superman's dog would be like...

Spiders, Spiders, and More Spiders!!! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Spiders.  I rather like them.  They keep other bugs out of my house.  They don't attack me (at least the ones that I have).  And they're kind of cool looking.  They are one of the animals in nature that outrageously adheres to the "Do Not Touch" rule of design.  This is a cool documentary about the world's largest 8-legged predators.

Diving in Patagonia with Whales! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I envy the people that work for National Geographic.  They get to do cool things... like dive with whales.

Eating Aliens, Less You Be Eaten!

There are certain animals walking this planet that adversely affect the habitats and bioregions they invade. They are technically called "invasive animal species," but according to adventurer, hunter, scientist and author Jackson Landers, they are also considered "aliens." The European Union defines "Invasive Alien Species" as those that are, firstly, outside their natural distribution area, and secondly, threaten biological diversity.

Giant Bat! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Thank God these things eat only nectar and fruit.  With a six-foot wing-span, this thing would scare me to death if it came swooping out of the trees!  This informative video gives a brief glimpse into the Mega-bat.

Cute Animal Christmas Song! The Holiday Animal Video of the Day!!!

Animals celebrate the holidays.  Here is proof--and a festive proof it is.

A Lil Bub Yule Time Christmas -- The Holiday Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay... this video is an hour long.  And I recommend you play it full screen on your computer and loop it on Christmas Eve.  Lil Bub is the cutest cat ever.  And this is a perfect background for entertaining and having a few delicious mugs of egg nog.

The Flying Reindeer Theory -- Animal Video of the Day!!!

Can reindeer fly?  Apparently only one day each year according to specialists at the Oregon Zoo.

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