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You Don't Want To Put Your Hand In This Moss -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I've done a lot of camping in my life, but I've never run into something like this.  Creepy!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Cat Resolution Of The Day

Why, oh, why dids I resolve to face my fears nose first this year? And why isn't this just a cute little garter snake I could harass for an hour?

Banning ‘Tiger Selfies’ In NY Could Curb One’s Tinder Love Life

In New York in February, it will become illegal to pose for a photo with a lion, tiger or other big cat. The measure - which specifically prohibits contact between members of the public and big cats at animal shows, zoos,circuses and carnivals - was passed after self-portraits with the animals started becoming more popular online, particularly with some young men on dating sites such as Tinder.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Ballet Chicks Of The Day

Shoulds we be doing Swan Lake when we don't have webbed feets?

Innocence and Joy: The "Perfect Way To Start Out The New Year" Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Having had very little experience with horses, I can flat-out say that they kind'a scare me. But they don't intimidate this little girl; she's getting the education early in life--and loving it.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Leftover Dog Of The Day

Don't minds me. I is just waiting for you to put the New Year's leftovers away.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Party Cat Of The Day

Wows! That was one hecks of a party last night. How did I end up in a lamp shade?

A New Year's Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This beautiful New Year's tale comes to us from China.  I'm not sure how I would do in a race involving such creatures as a tiger and a dragon.  But if they were behind me, you can rest assured that fear would increase my speed...