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Dog Beds: The Final Frontier

This Star Trek Captain's Chair Pet Bed is so cute and so fun that you may just need to go out and adopt a dog to have an excuse to buy one. The captain's chair bed is modeled on the iconic command chair from the original, landmark Star Trek television series from the 1960s.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Bunny Of The Day

*Mmmffff.* Spring is the best tasting season. *Mmmm.* Radishes? *Crunch.* What radishes? I don't see any radishes!

Birding Transitions From Flights Of Fancy To High-Tech Enterprise

n my post, "'Big Year' Birders Count More Than Four & Twenty Blackbirds," I talked about the famous birders of our day. I researched some of the greats like the "legendary human bird-dog" Sandy Komito, and learned of his bird-watching prowess and how many of his techniques became 'best practices' for birders the world over.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Dog Bath Of The Day

There is nothing quite like a cool, relaxing bath on a hot summer day. Expect for a big bowl of my favorite kibble, or a squirrel to bark at, or a rabbit carcass to drag home and freak out my human mom . . . oh, yeah, it's a dogs life!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Baby Sea Lion Of The Day

Hey! I live here! I don't come cruising around your home on a giant tongue depressor! What's your excuse?

The Pet Collective's 'Twenty Fur' Debuts With Jack Bowwow Barking Up A Storm

Forget Jack Bauer's 24 -  there's a new agent in town that's dog-gone funnier - and he gets to the point a lot quicker! His mission opens with "the following takes place between 2:58PM and 3:00PM - events occur in dog years." Apparently a threat was issued against CTU (Canine Terrier Unit) that cats were dumping chocolate into the water supply. It's now up to "Jack Bowwow" to save the day --erhh, the next 2 minutes. . .

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Cat-Burger of the Day

I is the cutest burger ever! No ketchup or mustard, but I smells like salmon and shrimp pate. It was my bedtime snack  I sleep now!

This Walrus has a Thing for the Ladies! The Saucy Animal Video of the Day!!!

Wow!  This walrus has a way with the ladies!  If I did this in a bar, I'd get slapped in the face and thrown out by the bouncer.

Panda Pandemonium: Adorable Panda Products for The Home

Indigenous to south central China, what is it about this bear  that we humans find so adorable and fascinating? Is it their eyes or their manner or both? Read on for some facts and, hopefully, a few laughs too.

This is One Nice Cat -- The Sweet Animal Video of the Day!!!

Cats are bizarre creatures.  This is one of those instances that made a question mark form over my head.  But when explained... it makes sense.  Sort of.  If you're a cat...