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PetsLady's Pick: Cute Tutu Puppy Of The Day

I don't knows why my Mom keeps doings this to me. I'd rather do Hip Hop.

GoPro Dog! The POV Animal Video Of The Day!!!

The GoPro camera has opened up a wealth of creative uses for the amateur (and professional) videographer.  This video accurately catches the sheer joy of a dog going to the beach.

PetsLady's Pick: Handsome Horse Of The Day

I don't means to be vain, but I is one handomes horse!

Monkeying Around! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What does that Gibbon have on her head?  And why?

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Spring Cat Of The Day

It's spring. It's SPRING! It is finallys here!

Love Black Cats? 15 Quick And Cute DIY Ideas For Black Cat Lovers

I love all black cats and kittens. Something about their deep darkness of their fur contrasted by vivid eyes always makes me melt. So when I strated thinking of craft projects I want to do, I was attracted to diy project featuring black cats. I was looking around for ideas and I found some that I thought were so fun and adorable, that they were definitely worth sharing.

Wheelchair Dogs Have Fun! The Cool Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Here is a lesson to all of us humans: Just because you lose the use of your legs does not mean that you can't have fun.  Check out these little canines.  Tell me they're not having fun; I dare ya.

Who Got In The Garbage? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Dogs are horrible liars.  When a dog is guilty, it shows.  And when the evidence is as prominent as it is in this video, there's no doubt who the guilty party is...

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Pug Of The Day

Ooooo, look! Mom put in a heated seat for me! Yays!

Possums Can Be Cute! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Baby possums (or opossums.... I always get that confused) can be quite cute.  Just watch these little guys and gals as they munch on some delicious fruit!