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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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'Hounds On The Hudson' Serves As Dogs' Home Away From Home & Then Some

While it sounds like it could be the title of a best-selling crime novel, 'Hounds on the Hudson' is not a sequel to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes classic, The Hound of the Baskervilles. No, HOTH is actually what one might think of as a five-star doggie hotel, inclusive of spa treatments.

Malaysian Zumba Fans Shake It For Rare Sun Bears!

Over 300 people paid RM50 (Malaysian ringgits) to participate in a giant Zumba event to raise money for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. How much honey can you buy with over RM7,000?

How Do Ants Find a Home? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Why are ants described as "super organisms?"  Just watch them house hunt and you'll see why...

Go Go Gorillas: An Art Gallery To Go Ape Over! (Video)

The United Kingdom has been overrun with a rainbow of painted gorillas, and you’d better hurry if you’d like to see them all before they move on…

Divvy the Service Dog -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

There is a special place in my heart for service dogs.  I used to work in a retirement home and have seen first hand how helpful, smart, and loving these four-legged assistants can be.  While dogs aren't the only type of service animal, they are the most prevalent--and Divvy is a great example of how a dog can help a handicapped individual.

Check Out This Trio Of Healthy Dog Treat Brands!

If you’ve already got your dog on a healthy diet of kibble or wet food, why skimp on nutritious snacks? Here are all-natural and nourishing three treat makers to consider for your puppy’s next reward:

25 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Animals -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Did you know that cats have 32 muscles in each ear?  I didn't.  This informative video is chock full of little known facts about 25 different animals, making it a crash-course for any animal enthusiast.

Dogs Who Bark At The Moon, Might Really Be Protecting You From A Blimp [Videos]

It's long been believed that dogs are prone to bark at the moon. Myths and literature have long paired dogs and the lunar orb. Hecate, Greek goddess of the moon, kept the company of dogs. Same thing goes for Diana, Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. Norse mythology tells of a pair of wolves that chase the moon and sun to summon night and day.

Does This Cat Need an Exorcist? The Possessed Animal Video of the Day!!!

Is this cat possessed?  He surely looks like his head is about to spin a 360, followed by lots of pea soup (if you've seen The Exorcist, you know what I mean).

Big Buck Bunny -- The Animated Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm a sucker for great animation, and Big Buck Bunny delivers.  This short tale of a large rabbit who just wants to watch the butterflies is quite cute and worth a look.

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