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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Cat Vs. Shop: Cat Wins!

As every cat lover knows, there is an old saying that you don't adopt a cat, a cat adopts you. It's not just an old saying, it's true -- whether you like it or not. One shop in the Scottish Borders learned that one the hard way when an 18-year-old cat decided to take up residence in the front window. The shop owners tried to move the senior citizen on, but she was having none of it.

Jaguar Attacks Crocodile! The Crazy Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay... to me, this is crazy.  I never would have thought a jaguar would consider a crocodile as part of the food chain.  If anything I thought it would be the other way around... 

The Art of Photographing Pets

Susannah Allen is a very talented photographer as well as a very nice person.  She was kind enough to answer several questions about the art and difficulty of photographing pets--a skill that she has developed into a lucrative business.

The World's 5 Most Ugly Dogs -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm no Brad Pitt, but these little doggies make me look like him.  Be warned: the title of this video is quite accurate.  And the picture on the right... well, that's the pretty dog.

This Monkey is Gonna be Ripped! The Workout Animal Video of the Day!!!

I could learn a few things from this monkey.  I'm not in the best of shape, and this little guy could run rings around me.

The World's Deepest-Living Fish -- The Bizarre Animal Video of the Day!!!

Living five miles under the surface of the Pacific Ocean, this breed of snail fish is quite unique.  This cool video represents the first time that a camera has ever been sent to that depth and shows these odd looking fish hangin' out around a meal.  Pretty neat stuff...

Happy Tiny Horse! The Equine Animal Video of the Day!!!

Horses kind of scare me, primarily because of their size and my lack of exposure to them (I've been horseback riding only a couple of times).  But this little horse... I want to give him a hug.

Grumpy Cat Cake Pops Will Turn Those Frowns Upside Down

I ate a Grumpy Cat Cake Pop once. It was... delicious! Still not tired of the internet's frowniest feline phenom? GOOD. Home made Grumpy Cat Cake Pops from the clever craft bakers at Bakerella are just the thing to turn that frown upside down.

What Happens When You Merge a Dog With a Spider? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Kilo the dog was bitten by a radioactive spider.  Watch the super power that this encounter provided this valiant canine.

Can This Kitten Be More Cute? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I just want to pick up this tiny kitten and rub her little, fuzzy belly.  If you need a "cute" fix to start out your day, this is it.