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Fun Stuff For Animal Lovers - PetsLady.com

Bored? Want more fun in your life?

We have unique, unusual,  odd, bizarre, strange, weird, silly, wacky, cute, adorable and wonderful stories to share with you.

So if you are looking for Fun Stuff, come visit our Fun Site here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Wut? I is okay. Really.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Yes, another step on the journey to world domination!

Big Bird Of Africa Takes GoPro Camera To New Heights

Can't go too far these days without seeing a GoPro camera filming something unique up close and personal. Skiers and snowboard athletes took it to the Sochi slopes for the recent Winter Olympics. Amateur photographers have captured roller-coaster rides and hot airplane balloon flights using it. And while Ellen DeGeneres showed us a whole new way of taking a selfie. . . 

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

Mollusk Susie, mollusk Sam -- do the jitterbug down in Mollusk Land. . . .

The Best Way to Pick Up Chicks: Walk Your Dinosaur! The Animal Video of the Day!

How do you get a lady's attention while in the park?  Walk your cute puppy?  Push your baby around in a stroller?  No.  Those tactics are for wussies.  You take your dinosaur for a stroll...

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day


Husky + Pile of Leaves = Fun Animal Video of the Day!!!

I wish that a pile of leaves would make me as happy as it makes Butch, the husky.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

Yeah! I saw you trip over the cat!

Dolphin Mega Pod Stampede! The Way Cool Animal Video of the Day!!!

There are things that remind you just how awesome the Earth is.  This incredible video of a mega pod of dolphins was taken using a drone--and is jaw-dropping.

Birds on Wires! The Musical Animal Video of the Day!!!

This short video shows how nature and a creative mind can be combined to make something beautiful.

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