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Bored? Want more fun in your life?

We have unique, unusual,  odd, bizarre, strange, weird, silly, wacky, cute, adorable and wonderful stories to share with you.

So if you are looking for Fun Stuff, come visit our Fun Site here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Cheetah Tries To Make A Meal Out Of Meeting Adam Sandler

Comedian and actor Adam Sandler was on vacation in Africa with his family when he nearly had what could have been a fatal encounter with a wild cheetah -- and that's no joke. He told the tale of his wildlife adventure during an appearance on David Letterman on Wednesday night -- and had the video to back up his story. Fortunately the cat did not catch a falling star.

The 10 Weirdest New Species -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

The world is a strange place full of strange critters.  This brief video is a slide show of the 10 oddest new species found in 2012.

Is The Venezuelan Poodle Moth The 'Real McCoy'?

There are approximately one million different species of insects in the world, but a year ago, a new variety of moth had its coming-out party to the amazement of scientists and Internet surfers alike. It was an adorable furry-limbed, white-winged subject found in Venezuela's rain forest which curiously resembled a finely coiffed poodle, hence the name.

Animals Can Be Jerks -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

As the title states: All types of animals can be jerks.  And this video proves it.

Product Review – Peanut Butter & Honey / Bacon-Cheddar Puppy Dust

It’s been a long time coming, but ‘ol Scribbles has finally gotten her fill of both varieties of Puppy Dust. Let’s see exactly how my little buddy feels about the all-natural kibble enhancer:

Meet Lil Bub -- The Tiny Celebrity Cat Video of the Day!!!

An official selection of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, Lil Bub and Friendz tells the story of the runt of a litter of cats, born with bone deficiencies and no teeth.  She's also adorable...

Exotic Red Panda Escapes Smithsonian's National Zoo!

Rusty the red panda made a daring escape from this spacious enclosure on June 21st, and no one knows exactly how the adorable little fur ball got out in the first place.

Aardvarks - The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Aardvarks are quite interesting creatures.  For example, their name is derived from the Afrikaans word erdvark which translates into "earth pig."  Watch this video for more fascinating information...

Petlou Has Colossal & Cute Toys For Every Dog!

Whether you’ve got a brutish behemoth or a prissy puppy, any dog owner should be able to find a toy that is just right for their best friend. Cute, gigantic, rope, stuffed, flat, squeaky, Petlou’s got it all!

Mogwai - The "Cute Side of the Gremlins" Animal Video of the Day!!!

When I was a kid, I went to the theater to see director Joe Dante's Christmas comedy/horror, Gremlins.  Ever since then I've wanted a Mogwai...

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