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Hilarious Pet Tweets Of The Week 160523

Cats and dogs may not be able to talk, but their owners sure do. Read these hilarious tweets to see what Twitter’s funniest pet parents have to say about their furry four-legged companions.

Zen Is A Turtle In The Garden

It is that time of year when you get to enjoy the outdoor oasis you have created on your deck or in your garden. Add an additional element of peace and serenity with this humorous Zen Turtle Garden Sculpture.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Turtle Cuddle Of The Day

Here is a demonstration of the best way to warm your pet turtle.

Prehistoric Bugs! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Insects weren't always small.  Check out the variety of bugs that would freak people out if they still lived today...

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Salty Sea Dog Of The Day

Harrumph! Afters all mine years at sea I have learned one very important things. . .

True Facts About The Owl -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Owls are interesting creatures.  Couple the oddity of these avians with the humor of the ever awesome zfrank1 and you have one of the funniest videos created.  And it doesn't hurt that is is quite informative as well.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Accident-Prone Donkey Of The Day

Mine mama told me thats there would be days like this. I seems to be channeling mine inner Eeyore!

Grumpy Cat Goes Grumpy Mat

Sometimes you want to have a welcome mat, buuuuuut you just don't want to be too welcoming. After all you don't want to seem too open to all those random people going door-to-door to sell you anything from magazineaz.s to religion. With this awesome Grumpy Cat Doormat you can get your point across with a single word.

Ah... Life Is Good -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

What you are about to see is the equivalent of a Chinchilla full body massage.  This is a very happy little guy.

PetsLady's Pick: Cool Polar Bear And Killer Whale Of The Day

I wonder what these two are talking about. I can't imagine they are just discussing the weather in the Arctic.