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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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25 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Animals -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Did you know that cats have 32 muscles in each ear?  I didn't.  This informative video is chock full of little known facts about 25 different animals, making it a crash-course for any animal enthusiast.

Dogs Who Bark At The Moon, Might Really Be Protecting You From A Blimp [Videos]

It's long been believed that dogs are prone to bark at the moon. Myths and literature have long paired dogs and the lunar orb. Hecate, Greek goddess of the moon, kept the company of dogs. Same thing goes for Diana, Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. Norse mythology tells of a pair of wolves that chase the moon and sun to summon night and day.

Does This Cat Need an Exorcist? The Possessed Animal Video of the Day!!!

Is this cat possessed?  He surely looks like his head is about to spin a 360, followed by lots of pea soup (if you've seen The Exorcist, you know what I mean).

Big Buck Bunny -- The Animated Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm a sucker for great animation, and Big Buck Bunny delivers.  This short tale of a large rabbit who just wants to watch the butterflies is quite cute and worth a look.

'Sharknado' Takes A Bite Out Of Social Media

Watching something horribly ridiculous is like not being able to avert one's eyes from a car crash. Perhaps that's the reason, when the cheesiest of movies made its TV debut on the SyFy Channel, the Twittersphere lit up like a Christmas tree, with over 5,000 tweets per minute. 

Octopus Found On Mountain Summit! (Video)

I’m leaving you all a weird one this weekend: A team of trash collectors discovered a dead octopus on top of the United Kingdom’s highest mountain, and no one knows how it got there!

What's Up With All of These Cheezy Shark Movies? The Special BONUS Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay, it's safe to say that Jaws is the apex of shark movies.  It's scary, funny, has great characters, and one hell of a giant shark.  Though limited by the visual effects technology of its time, Jaws still works today.  So why haven't some of the more recent shark films had the same success.  Oh, there are a variety of reasons...

Cheetah Tries To Make A Meal Out Of Meeting Adam Sandler

Comedian and actor Adam Sandler was on vacation in Africa with his family when he nearly had what could have been a fatal encounter with a wild cheetah -- and that's no joke. He told the tale of his wildlife adventure during an appearance on David Letterman on Wednesday night -- and had the video to back up his story. Fortunately the cat did not catch a falling star.

The 10 Weirdest New Species -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

The world is a strange place full of strange critters.  This brief video is a slide show of the 10 oddest new species found in 2012.

Is The Venezuelan Poodle Moth The 'Real McCoy'?

There are approximately one million different species of insects in the world, but a year ago, a new variety of moth had its coming-out party to the amazement of scientists and Internet surfers alike. It was an adorable furry-limbed, white-winged subject found in Venezuela's rain forest which curiously resembled a finely coiffed poodle, hence the name.

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