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Fun Stuff For Animal Lovers - PetsLady.com

Bored? Want more fun in your life?

We have unique, unusual,  odd, bizarre, strange, weird, silly, wacky, cute, adorable and wonderful stories to share with you.

So if you are looking for Fun Stuff, come visit our Fun Site here at PetsLady.com.

Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Meet Lola, The Six-Clawed Lobster!

Caught off the coast of Massachusetts last week, the mutant lobster really stood out from the rest of the daily catch when the fishermen noted that it had five claws on one limb!

Want 10 Tons of Dinosaur Action? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

The more I see these re-enactions of dinosaur battles, the happier I am that they're not around today.  These things would be scary.  This compilation of videos shows all sorts of dinosaur mayhem--all of which are cool.

Drinking Problem? Cats Versus Dogs in the Slow Motion Animal Video of the Day!!!

The use of slow motion in this video really shows the difference between how cats and dogs drink water.  It's quite cool...

Black & White Stripes Make Zebras More Than A 'Horse Of A Different Color'

As the saying goes, "you can't change a zebra's stripes" -- and lucky for them, that's the case. Evolution has been kind to this beautiful animal whose genetic make-up not only gave them their black and white patterns, but also protection from predators. While a zebra's number one nemesis is the lion. . .

Wolf Spider! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Unlike many people I know, I'm not afraid of spiders.  I feel that they fulfill a useful purpose in a household--like keeping it free of roaches and such.  But I have to admit that this critter looks like something out of a Godzilla movie...

True Facts About the Angler Fish -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I would hate to be a male angler fish.  When you see this hilarious and educational video, you'll see what I mean.

Otter Gets Juice from Vending Machine -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Who wouldn't want an otter that can get you something from a vending machine?  I have to wonder if there is such a thing as a "service otter."  And if so, could you take it into a store?

Three Of Toughest & Strongest Toys Your Dog Won't Be Able To Destroy

Does your dog have the jaws of a teething shark and the ferocity of a hungry crocodile? So does Jessie, my co-reviewing golden retriever, so I’m always on the lookout for toys she can’t shred within one minute or less, so here’s a shopping guide for big and strong puppy owners:

Do Jersey Shore Whales GTL?

Remember when those irreverent 'Jersey Shore' kids were the reality rage on TV as they ushered in memes, the likes of "smooshing," "The Situation" and "GTL"--short for Gym, Tan & Laundry? Yep, with millions of fans the world over tuning in weekly, they captured the zeitgeist of the moment and received more than their 15-minutes of fame.

I've Heard of a Bull in a China Shop... But a Buffalo in the Living Room? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

How would you get this giant guy out of your house?  You can't push him...

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