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Cats And Cows: A Love Story

Cats and cows are two animals that don't seem to be all that likely to end up as friends -- other than the obvious attraction of milk. Yet it seems to be fairly common for the two to become best buddies. A story that has been floating around the internet for quite a while shows how a stray cat on a kibbutz in Israel found the love and companionship it needed in the form of a friendly calf.

Meet The Top 3 Toy Makers For Yorkies & Other Little Pups!

Hey small dog owners! Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of toys in the big name pet stores are made for larger dog breeds instead your Yorkies, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas? Don’t let the big dogs have all the fun! I’ve found three fantastic dog toy creators who have your toy dog in mind!

Do Spectacled Bears Hate The Pawparazzi? (Destructive Video!)

A team of researchers set out a series of motion activated camera traps in the jungles of Bolivia to get a glimpse of the daily lives of the vulnerable spectacled bears, but I hope that their cameras weren’t rentals…

Is Your Dog One Of The Top 5 “Talking” Breeds? (Noisy Videos!)

A recent survey of hundreds of veterinarians was conducted to discover which types of domesticated dogs are the most “talkative” or “vocal.” Not the loudest, mind- but which dog species are the most likely to share their feelings with their yippy, barky and whiney words?

Product Review – Broderpress Animal Pillows

I called out Broderpress earlier this month to showcase some of the best designer animal décor available online, and Shannon Broder herself sent me this adorable stegosaurus to put to the test. Spoiler Alert: It’s really great!

'Giant George,' World Tallest Dog Leaves His Mark [Videos]

You don't often think about what a dog can contribute to mankind during his or her lifetime, especially since they live relatively short lives. In human years, Giant George would have been 56 years old next month, but at the age of seven (in dog years), the world lost a gentle giant who gave the world as much as he got.

Cuddling With an Elephant? Yep! The Cute Pachyderm Animal Video of the Day!!!

Who doesn't want to cuddle with a baby elephant?  Seriously... It may be on my bucket list to do what this guy does.  And can you get cuter (is that a word?) than a baby elephant that just wants to cuddle?  No.  You can't.

Have We Finally Cracked The Yeti Code?

If you can’t bear to spoil the big reveal about what the mythical Himalayan human/primate/combo (?) Yeti creature might actually be, then stop reading here!

Could Peter Venkman Be Correct? Is This the End of Days? The Dog and Cat Living Together Animal Video of the Day!!!

Could it be the apocalypse like Dr. Peter Venkman predicted in Ghostbusters?  This video shows that we may be in trouble...

So A Koala Walks Into A Bar -- No Joke!

A hotel near Melbourne, Australia was invaded by a very cute, but unwelcome, guest recently when a koala bear sauntered in like it belonged there. Closed circuit cameras caught its journey as it walks up the stairs and into the Alexandra House in Hamilton, just west of the capital city. Looking as though it was on its own personal pub crawl he made a beeline for the bar.

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