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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Microchipping or Facial Recognition For 'Hurricane Sandy' Dog Might Have Sped Up His Return

This story has that "Lassie Come Home" feel to it. Major storm! Pet gets loose! Heartbreak! Then a year-and-half later- a reunion like no other. This transpired when a family decided to replace their lost dog with a new pup -- only to find out their wayward pooch was waiting for them at point and time of purchase. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction!

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

Pssst! I heard that the cat is looking for you and he looks hungry. You'd better lay low.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

No, I wasn't eating your cereal. Why do you ask?

This Crow is the Avian James Bond! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This is one smart bird!  Watch as he solves a series of puzzles to reach his goal.

Saber-Toothed Cat Unleashed in Park! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I really admire some of the detailed prehistoric animal costumes that have been made in the past few years.  Aside from a few issues, they hold up to close scrutiny and provide excellent educational value for the kiddies.  This saber toothed cat is a good example.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

You know I really didn't like the sound of a fish pedicure at first, but this is really relaxing.

Google Glass For The Praying Mantis?

Many have wondered if the "Praying" Mantis was mistakenly misspelled, and that this very unique insect which belongs to the "Mantidae" family should be referred to instead, as the "Preying" Mantis.  And to that point, with some very intriguing scientific research underway this week, it would seem that this predatory critter is being equipped with something comparable to Google Glass to get even more upfront and personal with its prey.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

**SIGH** There are times that I really regret the decision to be a good dog.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Just a little further! Just a little further! Oh, why isn't my tongue just a little longer? Just a little further!

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Much as I hate going to the vet, I really think I need to get this growth removed from my butt.