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A Look At Science Fiction’s Intergalactic Wildlife: Hoth

The science fiction genre of films has created a limitless universe of planets to be populated with unusual ecosystems filled with exotic and alien creatures to entertain us on the big screen. These extraterrestrial animals are often given additional backstories to stimulate imaginations beyond their all-too-often role of filling out the backgrounds of our favorite movies. Strap on your snow boots and grab a scarf: We’re going to the harsh, frozen wastelands of Hoth! (As seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)

Nora The Piano Playing Cat: Practice Makes "Purrfect"

Nora, a gray tabby cat in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, was adopted as a kitten from a shelter by Betsy and Burrell in 2006. Betsy is a piano teacher and after a year of watching and listening to the lessons, Nora got up on the piano bench and started playing for herself. Now, in addition to playing solo, she also plays duets with both Betsy and some of her students.

Transform Dog Food from Drab to Fab with a Sprinkle of Puppy Dust!

While “Puppy Dust” sounds and kinda looks like a new flea control product, it is actually a fantastic way to make any mealtime into a special treat for your canine pal. This all-natural, easy to use food enhancer has plenty of practical uses that any pampered pooch would enjoy.

A Rainbow of Bettas: Photos of Spectacular Siamese Fighting Fish

The Siamese fighting fish, formally known as betta fish, are a small freshwater species that is available in a wide range of flamboyant varieties. Check out this aquarium's worth of pretty betta pictures!

Trivial Tuesday: For Queen And Country -- It's Good To Be The Dog!

Corgis may not be the most popular breed of dogs in the world, but they certainly have one of the most powerful supporters in the world, Queen Elizabeth II. She received Susan, her first corgi, as a gift for her 18th birthday. Susan led to additional generations of royal dogs and ultimately to the creation a hybrid dog called a dorgi.

Cool Stuff – Petchup & Meowstard Spices Up Your Pet's Food

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m totally onboard: “Petchup” and “Meowstard” are both ridiculous names… Ridiculously awesome! There are plenty of good reasons to buy condiments to compliment your dog or cat’s kibble, but bragging to your friends that you slather kitty’s breakfast with Meowstard comes close to topping the list.

Mythical Monday: German (And English) Straw Bear

In the days of late winter or early spring it has long been a custom in Germany and some other areas of Europe a straw bear was brought out in celebration processions. The bear was thought to drive winter away. These days the bear is most often a symbol of Ash Wednesday to mark the beginning of Lent and the end of the carnival season.

Why The Howler Monkey Is A Bad Pet Idea

If you’re looking for an exotic companion that will take away some of the thunder from dog and cat owners and their adorably fuzzy friends, there are plenty of viable options to choose from depending on where you live. For example, throughout most of the United States, you could adopt an iguana, hedgehog or macaw and you’d turn heads as the most unique pet owner on the block. However, there are some nature fans who try to raise the bar by bringing home a creature that they probably shouldn’t, like today’s featured fauna: The Howler Monkey.

Zoo News – Newborn Sumatran Tiger In San Francisco

Here’s a bit of happy news to brighten up your day: Leanne, a 9-year old Sumatran tiger, gave birth to a healthy cub on February 16th at the San Francisco Zoo. Watch the cub's momma celebrate the Lunar New Year, too!

Llama! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

A few years ago I had a friend (he's deceased now) that had a pet llama named Cousin Ren.  When I find the photos I'll write an article about this bizarre animal (he had a spinal fusion, so his neck was always horizontal--and his genetic code pretty much had him crossed between a llama and a goat--really odd animal).  This video isn't about Cousin Ren, but it does show just how inquisitive and fun llamas can be...

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