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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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The Border Collie Who Is Her Honor The Mayor -- For Life

Small town America has long been a bastion of middle-class values and propriety. Small towns also have a reputation for being individual and a little quirky. Take the case of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky: in 2008 they elected a dog mayor for life. She beat out a number of competitors in a tight race for the position, including a cat, an opossum, a jackass, and a human.

What is a Loris? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

So, what is a loris?  Well, its sort'a like a lemur.  And really cute...

22 Of the Cutest Barnyard Kids – A Baby Goat Gallery!

Take a break from the wild rush of the daily grind and get ready for an eyeful of cute: I’ve herded together 22 of the most adorable baby goats on the internet for your viewing pleasure. With over 300 unique species of bouncy, fuzzy and fun baby goats to show off, it was tough to pick out the cuddliest of the bunch! It’s all of the sweetness and charm of a petting zoo, without the smell and need for hand sanitizer. Enjoy the little muttons! 

The Whale Shark -- Animal Video of the Day!!!

While I'm well aware that whale sharks are harmless, I'd still need to change my shorts if I blundered into one while swimming...

"And The 'Pawscar' Goes To" At American Humane Assn's Oscars®

With Seth MacFarlane's off-color jokes and "We Saw Your Boobs" medley behind us, we can now shift our focus to a much more civilized view of Oscar-worthy movies. This year the American Humane Association presented another of its own version of the Oscars. Titled, "Pawscars" - you guessed it, it's their take on recognizing the best animal talent in the movies. And we know that Hollywood is full of talented creatures.

Teething Whale Calf Gets Gum Massage

Last week a boat load of whale watchers got the experience of a lifetime when a baby whale approached them repeatedly allowing them to pet it until they were finally doing what it wanted most -- massaging it gums. The teething cetacean calf obviously found great joy in the attention from its new-found masseuses.

Crab Battle Surgery -- The Freaky Animal Video of the Day!!!

After watching this video I have to say that I'm glad that crabs are not the size of cars.  The tenacity of this one crab, followed by what he does, makes me think of something out of The Terminator movies...

Fido Charmz: A Personal Air Freshener for Your Dog

I know that I give my puppy a bath regularly, and every dog owner is familiar with the stages of how your pal smells between baths: Adorable and cuddle-worthy baby shampoo smell, clean dog smell, dog-dog smell, ripe dog smell, and the process repeats itself. I’m not saying that you should shirk bathing your canine companion, but what if you could supplement “dog-dog” through “ripe” smells with a scent of ocean breeze, wild berry or fresh linen?

Adam and Dog -- The Incredibly Beautiful Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm truly glad that the art of two-dimensional animation is still around.  For a while it looked as though animation done on computers would eclipse this fine art form.  Instead the two styles sometimes merge to create something truly fantastic.  And Adam and Dog is a great example of this...

George Washington -- Founding Father And Dog Lover

Washington's birthday is coming up, and it's time to remember the first president's contributions to our country. George Washington is well known as a founding father, but his contributions to the history of dog ownership and breeding are less familiar. Let's take a look at his role.

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