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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Snorkling with Orcas! Would that be "Snorcaling?" The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm not sure I would have the guts to do this.  Orcas are big.  And they eat seals, which are pretty much the size of humans.  Maybe they don't eat humans because we're encased in various grades of plastic when in the water and we just don't taste good...

Big Cats Like Boxes Too! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This is one of those things that never crossed my mind: What would a tiger do with a box?  Apparently the same thing that a house cat does.  Oh, and lions and lynx, and other giant felines apparently feel the same way...

The Future Looks Brighter For Rare Bongo Antelopes

While lowland bongo antelopes are fairly plentiful throughout Western and Central Africa, mountain bongos are critically endangered. It’s a good thing that conservation groups are banding together to save the rare beast.

Ultimate High Five! The Best Pet You Could Ever Have Animal Video of the Day!!!

If you watch Cartoon Network's awesome Adventure Time, you know that Jake the dog is pretty much the coolest pet/buddy that you could ever have.  And the "Ultimate High Five" is a great example of friendship that is ridiculously funny...

What’s For Dinner? Exotic Animal Dishes From Around the World!

If you thought that eating guinea pigs was a bit odd, then you’ve got to see what our global neighbors are cooking up!

Skydiving with Falcons? The High Velocity Animal Video of the Day!!!

The concept of jumping out of a plane terrifies me.  But if I had wings and the ability to do what a falcon can do... well that would probably change my mind-set.  To say that this video is amazing is an understatement...

Russian Chimpanzee’s Blurry Photography Sells For $77,000! (Video)

One of Mikki the chimpanzee’s favorite pastimes was taking snapshots of Russian cityscapes. A collection of Mikki’s pictures recently sold for about $77,000!

8 Signs That Your Cat is Actually a Dog -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I'm convinced that Buster, my cat, is a dog in disguise.  This video displays much of my little buddy's behavior, thereby giving credence to my suspicions...

Stoic Zen Cat Outclasses IKEA Monkey

You think the IKEA Monkey was fashionably frocked? Fuggedaboutit! A certain silent and stoic cat from Japan has got the shearling-sporting simian beat every which way but loose.

You’ve Never Seen A Live Oarfish Before, Click For Video Of Rare Fish!

Oarfish are extremely difficult to find in the wild, as these long and exotic-looking fish are usually found in the ocean’s murky depths. But like the giant squid, scientists recently lucked out and captured one of these amazing fish on video for the first time!

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