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Time To Seek Your Cat's Fortune In Cookie Form

Sometimes there seems to be a lack of imagination when it comes to cat toys. Cat parents are inundated with toy mice and fish. One artisan, Trish Iriye, in the San Francisco Bay area is definitely thinking outside the cardboard box. The time has come for Catnip Fortune Cookies!

Sheer Bliss! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This video is guaranteed to make you smile.  If only happiness was as easy to come by as this for all of us!

PetsLady's Pick: Cool Steampunk Cat Of The Day

I is looking for the Doctor. He needs a new companion.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Irish Pug Of The Day

Enough with the St. Patick's Day photos. My cheeks are starting to hurt from smiling.

This Is One Talented Sheepdog! The Saint Patrick's Animal Video Of The Day!!!

It takes a certain type of sheepdog to wrangle the flock on Saint Patrick's Day.  Watch as this canine companion works his magic on a special type of sheep...

These Folks Had A Whale Of A Time! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I love whales.  Beautiful, majestic, mysterious, curious... I run out of words to describe how I find these incredible (okay, there's a word) creatures.  I would love to have the experience these people have in today's video.

If Humans Acted Like Cats -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

I think I'm going to start doing this around people that I wish to frighten away.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Cat Cling Of The Day

Hey! Let me in! I've gotta go to the box!

PetsLady's Pick: Cute French Bulldog Of The Day

I is the mosts adorable thing on four paws.