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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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3 Humorous Accessories For Your Dog's Mouth

If you think your dog is funny-looking now, you ain't seen nothin' yet! From the ironic to the absurd, to the just plain silly, these pet accessories will take the humor factor to the next level.

What Happens When a Cat Farts and Hiccups at the Same Time? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Okay, just so you know... I'm not sure if this is real or fake.  But it is funny.

This Dog is Not Allowed on the Bed -- The Happy Animal Video of the Day!!!

Dogs are like little kids.  You tell them not to do something and, when you turn your back, there they are--doing exactly what you told them not to do.  But sometimes you need proof.  That's exactly what this person got when she set up a video camera before leaving the house...

Social Media's Favorite Pet "Larry" Evolves To Iconic Status [Video]

Twitter's first bird logo cost less than a pint of beer at a Silicon Valley saloon. The stock image on which Twitter's first bird logo was based was created by graphic designer Simon Oxley at the ridiculously low price of $15, of which Oxley may have seen $6. Today's recent iteration was masterminded by classically trained Doug Bowman who was hired away from Google by Twitter, at an expense which was considerably more.

Skydiving Pets -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love how people get up in arms about something--then find out that it wasn't real.  This report from CNN concerning an advertisement with skydiving cats is a great example of this concept...

Who Knew That Armaillos Love Taking a Bath? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This video falls under the category of "I've never really thought of this before."  Seriously--how many times have you thought, "Hey... I wonder if armadillos take a bath?"  Me?  Never.  But this video answers that question...

Patron Saint Of Animals Sends Gull & Twitter Bird To Usher In Pope Francis I?

Newly appointed pontiff Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the first pope to take the name of the Catholic friar known for being a nature lover and preacher to birds. The much-beloved Italian patron saint Francis of Assisi is often portrayed with a bird in his hand. So it could not have been any more appropriate when both a gull and  the Twitter bird were the first two images associated with the world's first glimpse of Pope Francis I?

Raising A Clawed Salute To America’s Three State Crustaceans!

While you’re probably aware that each of America’s 50 States has claimed an official state bird, did you know that three have adopted a state crustacean?

Escaped Gorillas Raid Calgary Zoo Kitchen

How would you feel if you went to your kitchen to make a snack, only to come face to face with a gang of gorillas? A keeper at Canada’s Calgary Zoo failed to properly lock down a gorilla-proofed door used to seal the apes in their rainforest enclosure on March 8th....

Leafy! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I've always found insects to be fascinating creatures (though they freak my girlfriend clear out).  Insects that can emulate their environment particularly interest me.  And though I've seen many "leaf bugs" in my life, I've not encountered one like this...

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