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Here are some of our latest and most popular fun stories:

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Adventure Time Dancing Animal Video of the Day!!!

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.  This is a great example as to why I think everyone should watch this show just to make it through a rough day.

Polar Bear Needs To Take A Dance Lesson From A Sea Lion? [Video]

On Dancing With The Stars, we've learned that sometimes the least coordinated human can learn to dance. Save folks like Wynonna Judd who was recently voted off the current season, others like Donnie Osmond and Kirstie Alley (not known for being able to 'shake their tail feathers') proved not only able to excel quickly, but in some cases win the competition. But what about the animal kingdom- do they also have the moves?

Here's Something Gnu! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

I love The Muppet Show.  But... According to the dictionary, Gnu is pronounced like "Nooo."  However, the fact that the "G" is apparent in the pronunciation of the animal's title in this video does not ruin its absolute coolness.  Every word with a silent "G" is exploited.  C'mon... how can you complain about The Muppet Show?  Well, I guess if you're an old man on a balcony...

Mammoth Journey -- The Prehistoric Animal Video of the Day!!!

You can't help but praise the combination of science/history and modern special effects.  This 30 minute video is just plain cool.  And... you may learn something in the process.

Sony's Animalia Launches #TechforPets For Our Pets

While pet toys are in abundance in today's marketplace, a much overlooked product line for our pets has been technological gadgets. While humans have benefited and progressed with each new technological advancement, our pets have not been privy to some of our favorite toys. Well, all that is now changing as Sony's Animalia line launches some very innovative pet technology.

Rock The Elements With Stylish Dog Collars From Red Hound

After washing, feeding and pampering your furry friend, it’s time to take that devotedly spoiled pooch out for a walk before Bowser starts to get a bit too bulky. As adorable as your special little canine companion is, nothing catches the fickle eye of other sophisticated dog walkers quite like a fancy collar. It’s a good thing that there is a huge selection of impressive collars from the designers at Red Hound!

Metamorphosis Of The Butterfly Celebrated In 366th Birthday Google Doodle

Google Doodles are considered today world famous. Whether commemorating an individual famous accomplishment or celebrating a noted celebrity's birthday. Google is more than often aprepos at hitting our sweet spot when it prompts us to remember some of the famous folks that made significant contributions to mankind over the years.

Cat Versus Alligator -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Growing up in Florida, I've grown up with quite a bit of respect for alligators.  These people haven't... But the cat in this video is just plain not gonna put up with a giant reptile eating his food...

Go Batty For The Two State Flying Mammals!

Sure, every U.S. state has its own official bird, but this shout-out goes out to the three states that have adopted their representative bats! Apparently, registering a formal state bat is a relatively new thing that start in 1995- Does your home state honor their favorite bat species?

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