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Don't Worry! I'll Protect You! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

It's that time of the year again: the time when PUMPKINS ATTACK!  I highly recommend that you all watch this demo of the Canine Pumpkin Defense System!

Pet Detective To The Rescue! Missing Cat Located In Nebraska

When most people hear the words “pet detective” images of Jim Carrey being a buffoon inevitably come to mind, but for one Omaha, Nebraska, private investigator that isn't the case.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Pumpkin Dog Of The Day

So . . . these big funny lookings things is why you call me "Punkin?"

Jurassic World On A Tight Budget! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

There are some great video ideas that I just kick myself for not creating.  This is one of them.

Dogs: It's A Game Of Life

It's a dog's life. At least it ought to be. That age-old and extremely popular Game of Life has gone to the dogs -- literally. This winter you can gather the clan around the table to play The Game of Life: It's a Dog's Life and have a barking good time!

PetsLady's Pick: Scary Witchy Lizard Of The Day

I just hate it when my magic goes in reverse. So much for getting revenge on my old boyfriend.

What Do You Do With A Tiny Vampire Bat? The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

That is quite a question.  Well, first you name him Lil' Drac.  Then you take care of him just like you would a human baby--but only on a near-microscopic level.

Doctor Who? Wally The Corgi, That's Who!

Doctor Who has finally gone to the dogs -- well, one dog anyway. Wally, the Welsh Corgi, managed to endure enough time in front of the camera to honor all 13 doctors of the venerable British science fiction television show. For the die-hard Whovians out there that does include the War Doctor. Wally even had his own tiny cardboard TARDIS for the shoot.

Blind Man Reunited With Missing Service Dog Through Facebook

Just when you were starting to think that perhaps social media was getting more people in trouble than anything else comes a heartwarming story of a missing guide dog being reunited with his visually-impaired owner through the help of Facebook users.