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Family Cat Ordered To Jury Summons!

No, I’m not joking, and this is easily the weirdest piece of news that I’ve found all year, but domestic shorthair cat Sal Esposito was ordered to attend jury summons in Boston, Massachusetts…

Marathon Dog Runs to Tibet! The Super Cool Animal Video of the Day!!!

This little dog has some stamina!  I doubt I'd be able to handle a 1700km marathon--and all for a chicken leg!  This video proves the loyalty of man's best friend.

IKEA Monkey is Quite Stylish -- The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Darwin the monkey caused quite a scene at an IKEA in Canada.  Where did he come from?  But more importantly, where did he get that stylish jacket?

Two Sumatran Tiger Cubs Pass Their Swim Test At National Zoo!

While the keepers at the National Zoo in Washington DC had the new tiger cubs’ best interests in mind during their swim test, this adorable video demonstrates that no one likes being unexpectedly thrown into a swimming pool!

Dogs Driving Cars? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Is it me, or is the concept of dogs driving cars just plain scary?  I mean, maybe in a future post-apocalyptic society where human-kind is enslaved by mutated, intelligent dogs--well, I can see the concept.  But right now... I'm not too keen on it. 

Kangaroos Apparently Like Golf! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

The Women's Australian Open in Canberra wasn't prepared for the invasion.  The kangaroos, however, planned their meticulous attack with the precision of a surgeon.  Well, not really... but this is something I've never seen before...

Africa’s Giant Forest Hogs Named World’s Largest Pig Species

America’s rare “Hogzillas” might be massive feral domesticated swine, but the giant forest hogs of central Africa take the prize as the world’s largest wild pig species. Adult giant forest hogs can weigh up to 600 pounds, and that’s a whole bunch of bacon!

Pro Pet Tip: Adopting A Fire-Bellied Toad

The fire-bellied toad is a vividly colored Asian amphibian that is a simple to care for friend that can live at your pad for five to twelve years. If you’ve ever wanted a toadally cool pet, here’s a mini-guide for new fire-bellied toad owners:

Dog's Bows Wow When Jack Russell Upstages Richard III

Mark Rylance might have thought twice about adding his Jack Russell Terrier, Apache to the cast of Richard III on Broadway had he remembered a famous comedian's advice from years past. Although one of W.C. Fields most famous quotes was "never work with animals or children," he secretly like children. Dogs (on the other hand), not so much!

Scientists Discover Two New Shark Species: Carolina Hammerhead & Walking Shark!

The past few months have been crazy-exciting for ichthyologists, as they’ve catalogued a pair of exciting new species into the record books off the coasts of South Carolina and Indonesia!

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