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Posted September 12, 2012 by Lady Bee

Not to be outdone by Dog Shaming, Cat Shaming is another Tumblr site
that collects pet shaming photos and videos. The owners post signs or
captions about why their cats should feel shame, but the images
belie the statements.  Even if dogs pretend shame just to placate their
owners - Who can punish such a sad-looking dog? He knows he did wrong. -
cats are not shamed, nor do they know how to pretend to feel shame.
Nevertheless, the opportunities are there to create some fun images and

Posted September 12, 2012 by Lady Bee

Dog shaming is not my thing; I just don't believe that pets are
motivated to change by yelling, scolding, or punishment.  Besides, dogs
know when they do something wrong and they are already ashamed about
it.  But there's a fun and creative way to shame your dog and share it
with the world. 

Posted September 12, 2012 by John P. Barker

Move over Batman.  These little fuzzy guys are on a mission and they are not above using high-tech Lego technology to achieve their goals in today's video.

Posted September 11, 2012 by John P. Barker

I am a huge fan of Richard Adams' classic novel Watership Down.  My (ex)wife and I actually had a mini-lop bunny that we named Hazel.  So you can say I have a soft spot for the little fuzzy critters.  This video is a great example of what nice pets they can be.

Posted September 10, 2012 by Lady Bee

You may never have heard a cat fart, but you will if you download this
game app from the iTunes app store.  You will hear loud, disgusting,
gross-out farts, made the worse when you try to feed Fart Cat food he doesn't
want.  Who is Fart Cat aimed at?  Any seriously deranged kid or adult
with quick gaming fingers....

Posted September 10, 2012 by Myra Per-Lee

A really cool trend started in Britain a few years ago at outdoor
concerts. It's called the 'silent disco.'  Everyone at a concert hears
the same band, but through their own individual headphones.  No angry neighbors and your own volume and base control  This idea seemed a natural for fund-raising events at zoos

Posted September 10, 2012 by John P. Barker

Who doesn't love cute little puppies playing?  Maybe Darth Vader...  But I suspect everyone else is a fan of little bouncing balls of fur.  And the baby pugs are just plain adorable in today's video.

Posted September 9, 2012 by John P. Barker

Considered the world's largest land-based arthropod (an invertebrate critter with an exoskeleton), the coconut crab is something of a daunting creature.  Picture a roach with body armor.  This video shows shows that the coconut crab starts off rather small... and grows some pretty dangerous claws...