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Posted August 16, 2012 by Myra Per-Lee

When the city of St. Petersburg, Russia goes to the movies, it does so big time.  The Palace Bridge
opens opens over the Neva River and the split bridge becomes a split backdrop offering the largest movie screens in the world, so big that thousands of people can watch from one side or the
other at the same time.  This week St. Petersburg is having its International Art-Forum GraFFFest 2012 at the Bridge, but on August 17, the city will be treated to its first viral cat video competitions - Cats In The City.

Posted August 16, 2012 by John P. Barker

I always thought it was an asteroid that caused the demise of the dinosaur.  But, according to this video, it was something far more... smelly.

Posted August 15, 2012 by John P. Barker

Ya know, with a name like "sea squirt" you would think that these things would be smaller...

Posted August 14, 2012 by John P. Barker

If I had known that cats loved Michael Jackson I would have left the CD player on all day...

Posted August 13, 2012 by Amanda Dickens

Attention all dog owers: Would you like to have a comfy place to leave your dog outside the store while you go in and shop?  Well, if you answered yes, an Ikea store in Germany has started a trend you may love.  Dog parking lots could be the next big thing in retail!

Posted August 13, 2012 by John P. Barker

After seeing this video I was taken back to the first several weeks after I saw Jaws.  I couldn't get in the bathtub without being terrified that a shark was gonna lurch out of the drain and eat my leg.

Posted August 12, 2012 by Creature Features

Spiders living in your ears? It's more likely than you think... OK, it's not very likely but it CAN happen. Just ask the unfortunate Chinese woman who had a Jumping Spider take up residence in her left ear for three days.

Posted August 12, 2012 by John P. Barker

Could this be what ancient mariners described as a sea serpent?  Mark Benfield, Associate Professor in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences at Louisiana State University seems to believe so.  And I think he's on to something...