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Help! I've been captured! This is one very sneaky little fence trap.

"Okay, first I am a chicken living in a trailer park. The I find out that foxes live in the neighborhood. Now Mom's grandson keeps holding me like a cat and his dog is tickling my craws with her whiskers."

These twin sisters are big fans of Star Trek: The Original Series. They are dressed up and ready to celebrate the iconic television show's 50th anniversary.

Seeing that this is Iguana Awareness Day I feel compelled to let you know that this is an iguana. Okay, it is only one species of iguana, but there you go. This is a Grand Cayman Blue Iguana.

Ooooo! This is the cutest little baby bear! Wait! What? This is not a bear but a dog? Cool! That makes a much better pet.

Belly up to the bar boys! Dog-quiries for everyone on the house!

Time for that last summer barbecue! Oh, sure, summer isn't really over yet, but next weekend I switch over to tailgate parties.

Why did the buffalo cross the road? Because he was taking his loss of habitat in his stride. Wait! What?