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Keep all of your animals safe this 4th of July, even the fictional and imaginary ones!

Okays. Do we haves to do this every 4th of July? Ahem! *yay* Now go aways!

This is one big roach.  No kidding.  This sucker even makes me cringe a bit...

Beach, blanket, bikini, and booze. This pretty pig is in the pink!

Meet Bengus, a cool, Air Force service dog with a sense of humor who served 9 years (63 in dog time) in drug detection and patrol duties. His tale (and tail) are amusing and heart-warming. Read on for more about this four-legged character.

This is a shark. This is also what happens to a shark when it gets hammered.

It may only be certain dogs that can meditate and do guard duty at the same time. It probably helps that his name is Buddha.

Twinkie is on a mission--the break the Guinness World Record on bursting 100 balloons!  But is she fast enough?