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Hi everyone out in social media land! Here is how elephant like me are followed on Twitter. Although their tweets are a little difficult to understand.

Crank the cute knob up to 11!  This little pug is gonna melt your heart.

Here we are able to observe the rare watermelon attack cats in their natural habitat, the human home. When confronted with the popular fruit these cats will attack without apparent provocation.

Is the upkeep of a fine steed out of your price range?  Do you need some cardio while riding in style?  Perhaps the horse bike is for you!

The growing population of homeless existing in the United States is an issue of grave concern. In urban areas likes New York City, there are temporary emergency centers and soup kitchens that can provide these disenfranchised folks with food and a roof over their head.

But humans aren’t the only ones suffering from homelessness?

"Yikes! I didn't know they were taking pictures on this ride! I didn't have time to do up my whiskers!" "Look out! Coming in on your six!"

This is Sushi, a rather large, rare shoebill stork.  He enjoys visits from people--but is very formal.  You can only approach if you know the rules...

I have to talk like a pirate today? NO! Well. All right. Aaargh. Shiver me timbers! Walk ther plank matey! There. I'm done.