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Posted August 16, 2017 by Rebecca West

Looking to adopt a pet? Consider a senior dog and make their final years happy. And, while you're at it, get in a workout with what's known as Muttsercise. (VIDEO)

Posted August 16, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

The light of a firefly comes from the bioluminescent chemical reaction created by special organs in the beetle's lower abdomen.

Posted August 15, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

Finally my dream is coming true. Today I will finally get to meet Minnie Mouse in person!

Posted August 14, 2017 by Creature Features

This awesomely meta cat from Japan has a natural marking on its nose that looks like a miniature resting black cat. So, how does it smell? Quite well, thank you.

Posted August 14, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

It was so nice of Mom to put a fountain out in the garden for me. It tastes almost as good as the water from the bathroom sink.

Posted August 13, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

C'mon horsey. C'mon horse. Come play with me will ya? Huh? Huh?

Posted August 12, 2017 by Laurie Kay Olson

Even elephants have to take care of their teeth, though they do need help with the brushing.

Posted August 12, 2017 by Ron Callari

While giant pandas in captivity have a difficult time procreating . . . it appears of recent date, this much-loved species is no longer being threatened by extinction. As of late 2016, this lovable creature was downgraded from ‘Endangered’ to ‘Vulnerable’ on the global list of species at risk.