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Cute And Cool Animal Stuff For Kids - PetsLady.com

Have a kid who loves animals? Know anyone who does?

Need a great gift idea for your dog lover, cat lover, or all around animal lover?

If you are looking for cool stuff to buy for the children or kids in your life, take a look at all the fun, cool, cute, unique, funny and useful stuff for the kids that our team of writers has found for you. 

Take a look and DROOL!

Click here to see ALL of our great finds for Animal Lovers.

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Cool Cat and Dog Key Organizers

Keep your keys straight with these cute cat or dog key toppers!

Fuzzy Friends Cat and Dog Slippers

These adorable slippers will keep your feet warm and your face smiling!

Unique Hand-Painted Tile Mirror

This unique tile mirror may be the only mirror in which looking at its frame is as interesting as looking in at the reflection!

Gorgeous Crystal Rhinestone Paw Print Earrings

These beautiful  paw print stud earrings are covered in clear crystals that reflect a beautiful rainbow of colors.

Silver Spoon Sunday: Heirloom Dragon

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth (aka, filthy rich)? This terrific Four-Foot Heirloom Dragon is so cute you may want it for your child -- or for your inner-child.

Fun Animal Backpacks For Kids

Fun child-sized backpacks come in a variety of adorable animal options!

Animal Lover T-Shirts In High-Definition For Shock Value!

Whether your pet and/or animal loving friends have special t-shirts honoring those glorious creatures or not, it's a good bet they don't have a collection from 'The Mountain'... yet.  So, I recommend that you be the first to give your pet or animal lover one of these artistic high-def t-shirts, sure to be the year's hot item for adults and kids. I have seen these shirts at a recent pet fair, and they are so realistic, so novel, that you can't take your eyes from them.

Gorgeous Super-Soft Dog Theme Blanket

This gorgeous queen-size blanket has an adorable array of pups to keep any dog-lover smiling and warm!

Pet Science Kit Kids Can Do With Their Pets!

Help your child study animal behavior and senses while encouraging an interest in science!

Owl Portable Rechargeable Night-Light for Kids

Adorable Night Owl children's night-light has several kid-friendly features that make it the perfect choice for your child's bedroom!

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