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These are the perfect gift ideas for moms, mothers-in-laws, aunts, sisters, daughters and grandmothers.

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Posted July 31, 2012 by Kitty Devine

Take a stroll into the world of fantasy as you play with this magical Frog Chess Set.

Posted July 30, 2012 by Kitty Devine

The whole world will know not to mess with you when you are wearing this funny "Warning: Protected By Attack Ferret" t-shirt!

Posted July 27, 2012 by Kitty Devine

No more gas-guzzling sheep when you can just plug one in. This funny Electric Sheep T-Shirt is a real conversation starter.

Posted July 19, 2012 by Kitty Devine

Those comfy old bunny slippers are no longer for just schlepping around the house. Streetzies High Heel Bunny Slippers are fun, glamorous, and drop-dead sexy.

Posted July 17, 2012 by Kitty Devine

With these fun Alligator Feet Slippers you will be rocking around the house on cold days.

Posted July 15, 2012 by Kitty Devine

Have more fun watering your patio plants with this Folk Art Animal Iron Watering Can.

Posted July 15, 2012 by Kitty Devine

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth (aka, filthy rich)? Would you take the ashes of your dearly departed pet and have them processed into a synthetic diamond to keep them with your forever?

Posted July 13, 2012 by Kitty Devine

The parade of pachyderms winding around this beautiful traditional jali or openwork carving Elephant Procession Soapstone Jewelry Box will make even your most humble pendant or bracelet seem like the crown jewels.