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Dog Stuff and Dog Products - PetsLady.com

Looking for great dog stuff? Want to read about newest products for your dog?

Our team of pet owners and experts here at PetsLady.com review with you the best dog products and dog supplies. 

If you are looking for the cutest dog clothing, or unique dog beds, or best fencing system,  please take a look at our great dog stuff.

Here are some of our most popular Dog Product articles:


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Pet Couture: These Boots Are Made For Paws

If you are a dog owner who loves to get out in nature to go hiking, biking, and backpacking, there is a good chance that you like having your dog join you for the fun. Chances are that your dog loves the outdoor activities too. Keep your dog's paws safe and healthy with a sturdy set of Grip Trex Boots from Ruffwear..

Roadkill: Stuffed Animals Are Getting The Stuffing Knocked Out Of Them

Whether for rolling in or wanting to take them home -- dogs love dead things. It can be enough to make even the most die-hard dog lover gag. Now you can give your dog its very own roadkill to play with sans the decomp smell and oozing things.

Sony's Animalia Launches #TechforPets For Our Pets

While pet toys are in abundance in today's marketplace, a much overlooked product line for our pets has been technological gadgets. While humans have benefited and progressed with each new technological advancement, our pets have not been privy to some of our favorite toys. Well, all that is now changing as Sony's Animalia line launches some very innovative pet technology.

Rock The Elements With Stylish Dog Collars From Red Hound

After washing, feeding and pampering your furry friend, it’s time to take that devotedly spoiled pooch out for a walk before Bowser starts to get a bit too bulky. As adorable as your special little canine companion is, nothing catches the fickle eye of other sophisticated dog walkers quite like a fancy collar. It’s a good thing that there is a huge selection of impressive collars from the designers at Red Hound!

Use Pet Head Shampoos For Sweet Smelling, Cuddly & Clean Doggies!

Is your dog the neighborhood’s biggest celebrity? (Or does your puppy act like it anyway?) Since you’re going to treat your pets like big shots anyway, why not give clean them up to look, smell and feel like they’re ready for their close up? Check out Pet Head: A line of trendy, efficient and pleasant smelling shampoos, sprays, wipes and other goodies to clean up your dog’s act.

Let Your Dog Go Loopy For Loopies Toys!

If you’re going to get a new toy for your doggie, it’s essential to select one that your furry friend would get the most enjoyment and mileage from. The creative team at Loopies Toys has everyone covered with stylish, sturdy and fun goodies specially designed for a diversity of play styles and chewing strengths.

Kinn Inc. Kudose Treat Maker and Pill Concealer- Product Review

At some point or another, most us will have the unfortunate task of giving our dogs or cats pills. You can turn that unfortunate task in to a pleasant experience with this product here.

New From Zuke's- Super Treats!- Product Review

I have previously written about Zuke's and the great, healthy treats that they provide. Because of the great response received, I am back again to share about another awesome, new product from Zuke's!

3 Humorous Accessories For Your Dog's Mouth

If you think your dog is funny-looking now, you ain't seen nothin' yet! From the ironic to the absurd, to the just plain silly, these pet accessories will take the humor factor to the next level.

Pet Couture: Temperature Moderating Harness For Dogs

The Temperature Moderating Pet Harness is a great way to keep your dog warm or cool while out for a walk. Just heat the reusable gel pack in the microwave or cool it in the freezer and then slip it inside the pouch on the neoprene harness. The pouch holds the gel pack against the dog's abdomen and chest to help regulate the animal's core temperature better than standard pet clothing.

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