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Dog Stuff and Dog Products - PetsLady.com

Looking for great dog stuff? Want to read about newest products for your dog?

Our team of pet owners and experts here at PetsLady.com review with you the best dog products and dog supplies. 

If you are looking for the cutest dog clothing, or unique dog beds, or best fencing system,  please take a look at our great dog stuff.

Here are some of our most popular Dog Product articles:


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Product Review – Moosasaurus by Tuffy

I’m proud to present Jessie, my golden retriever pal, for our first co-review. We decided to take her crocodile-like teeth for a playtest with one of the legendarily durable toys from Tuffy. (VIP Products) The Tuffy claim to fame are the ultra-durable toy line. Each toy is crafted with four layers of tough material and seven layers of stitching. Some of their basic toy shapes have been tested by tigers! If Tony and his pals can safely enjoy Tuffy toys, then surely Jessie’s steel trap of a mouth will spare Moosasaurus, right?

Mittens, Meet Mickey: The Florida Theme Park Kennel Guide

Here is a list of the most popular theme parks in Florida that offer kenneling services and what you’ll need to do before you drop your four-legged friend off for the day. Just don’t forget to buy them a souvenir squeaky gator or mouse-shaped ice cream treat too!

Dogs on Wheels! The Rolling Animal Video of the Day!!!

Animals, like humans, can develop issues with their hips as they get older.  Humans get a wheelchair.  Animals... well, some of them just get wheels.

4 Steps Toward Optimum Dental Health For Your Dog

By the time they are four years old, many dogs are showing signs of gum disease due to lack of dental care. Follow these steps to prevent gingivitis and keep your pooch's pearly whites sparkling clean.

Fido Charmz: A Personal Air Freshener for Your Dog

I know that I give my puppy a bath regularly, and every dog owner is familiar with the stages of how your pal smells between baths: Adorable and cuddle-worthy baby shampoo smell, clean dog smell, dog-dog smell, ripe dog smell, and the process repeats itself. I’m not saying that you should shirk bathing your canine companion, but what if you could supplement “dog-dog” through “ripe” smells with a scent of ocean breeze, wild berry or fresh linen?

Transform Dog Food from Drab to Fab with a Sprinkle of Puppy Dust!

While “Puppy Dust” sounds and kinda looks like a new flea control product, it is actually a fantastic way to make any mealtime into a special treat for your canine pal. This all-natural, easy to use food enhancer has plenty of practical uses that any pampered pooch would enjoy.

Cool Stuff – Petchup & Meowstard Spices Up Your Pet's Food

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m totally onboard: “Petchup” and “Meowstard” are both ridiculous names… Ridiculously awesome! There are plenty of good reasons to buy condiments to compliment your dog or cat’s kibble, but bragging to your friends that you slather kitty’s breakfast with Meowstard comes close to topping the list.

PEnnsylvania 6-5000 Goes To The Dogs For Westminster Dog Show [Video]

Some New York City Hotels carry a mystique. One known more for it's telephone number than its service was the Hotel Pennsylvania. So much so, it became the inspiration for Glenn Miller's Big Band hit of the 1940s. Today PEnnsylvania 6-5000 is the oldest continuing phone number in New York City. Based on the old telephone exchange name system, the first two letters "PE" in PE6-5000 stand for the rotary dial numbers 7 and 3, making the number (with Manhattan's area code) +1 (212) 736-5000.

Welcome to Jurassic Bark! Dinosaur Toys For Your Dog

Have you ever wanted your very own pet dinosaur, but lack the funding, technology and scientific understanding of how to clone long-extinct creatures? Don’t be disappointed that the dinos probably aren’t coming back anytime soon; everyone wanted to play fetch with an allosaurus, iguanodon or ankylosaurus at some point. Besides, who would look forward to feeding, bathing and potty training several tons of Dino when they already have a fuzzy and loyal Fido?

But Can He Quarterback? The Animal Video of the Day!!!

Wow!  This dog really knows the details of American Football!  Check out his moves in this post-Superbowl video!

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