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Product Review – Ruffhides

I called out the Pawabunga!” crew earlier this month in a list of the toughest chew toys that I could find online, and they kindly sent a sample Ruffhide for Jessie to put to the ultimate test. Without giving too much away, is this the dog toy of the year for chewers?

Go Fetch! The 3 Best Fetch Toys On The Internet!

While “toss and retrieve” styled toys aren’t usually the kind of thing that you can leave alone with your dog, it’s hard to think of better goodies than these to promote exercise, excitement and bonding between you and your best friend:

5 New High-Tech Ways To Bring Out Your Pet's Inner Digerati

Over the course of the last couple of decades our lives on the digital landscape has shifted into high gear as we hopscotch from one new shiny thing to another. But what about our pets?  Have they also acclimated to our brave new world of techie gadgets and innovative wizardry? Does technology add to their life experience or are they still perfectly content with that soothing bowl of milk or the next opportunity to bury that steak bone in the backyard?

Pet Couture: Yarmulke And Tallis For Your Dog

Is your dog ready for Yom Kippur? How about Hanukkah? Or his Bark Mitzvah? If not then it may be time to do a little shopping. If your dog is a part of your family then perhaps you want to include it in your faith as well. After all, God created all of us!

Three Of Toughest & Strongest Toys Your Dog Won't Be Able To Destroy

Does your dog have the jaws of a teething shark and the ferocity of a hungry crocodile? So does Jessie, my co-reviewing golden retriever, so I’m always on the lookout for toys she can’t shred within one minute or less, so here’s a shopping guide for big and strong puppy owners:

Pet High Chair For Furry Family Members

Many people think of their pets as members of the family -- so why not have them sit right up to the dinner table with the rest of the family? You can with a Pet High Chair that clips right on to the edge of the table. It will hold any pet weighing up to ten pounds.

Give Your Dog A "Fetching" Grin

Do you ever get a little weirded-out by those Dentastix commercials where they have dogs receiving dentures and end up with a human smile? Well, you can creep out other people in the neighborhood and down at the park in much the same way with a Rogz Grinz Treat Ball.

Three Stylish Designer Food & Water Stations For Your Furry Friends!

Pouring food and water into plain old dishes for your dog and cat’s floor-side feast is so last-century, so let’s update your pet’s favorite furniture to reflect your chic modern home with these three artistic containers.

Product Review – Bungee Pupee

I’ve already called out Bungee Pupee’s shock absorbing leashes as a safe walking accessory earlier this month, but how does it hold up against the might of the golden giant herself? Let’s find out!

Designer Dog Waste Disposal Bin Throws Indiscriminate Dumpers A Curve

An innovative new dog waste disposal bin by Hungarian designer Kőrös Benedek makes dumping dog poop fun for dog owners while frustrating others whose non-pet, inorganic trash belongs elsewhere.