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Citrus-Scented CritterCord Covers Keep Chewers from Chomping Cords

Curious cats & dogs munching on home or office electric cords can be a recipe for disaster. No longer! CritterCord Citrus-Scented Covers gently dissuade pets from chewing on cords while giving pet-owners peace of mind.

When Dogs Fall Into The Swimming Pool, There's The Skamper Ramp

When I saw the Gamma Skamper Ramp, I was instantly reminded of a time last fall when I took my pup on a play date to his friends' house.  While he was running around his friends' yard, he fell into their backyard pool. Never having been in a pool, he was scrambling to stay afloat and I jumped into the pool to rescue him.  Sure, dogs are supposed to know how to swim instinctively, but...

Television Is Going To The Dogs With DogTV

From air buds to couch spuds: Dogs can now kick back, put their paws up, and veg for a few hours watching television.

Dog Fart Terminator: Hopefully the Stench "Won't Be Back."

I don't think Arnold Schwarzenegger would use this in a movie.  Though I could be wrong...

Pet Owner Sues Nestle Purina For Killing His Dog With 'Yam Good' Dog Treats

.... The FDA has been investigating certain dog treats made in China since 2007, but no warning was made about chicken jerky until November, 2011, when the FDA announced that some pet owners and veterinarians had reported dogs becoming sick with kidney failure after eating chicken jerky treats made in China. Some had died.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser: One Strong Little Sucker-- Product Review

Pet hair is my nemesis. Is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser the proper weapon to combat this evil?

3 Most Important Health Supplements For Older Dogs And Cats

Dogs and cats age faster than humans. Veterinarians consider a 7-year old dog or an 8-year old cat older, a euphemism for old. Now you may have dogs and cats older than 7 or 8 and they still act like youngsters, or you really have youngsters who drag a bit like an older pet would. Of course, they're all different, but there are certain heath supplements that help keep your pets young, and even if they are not acting old, these three types of supplements will help protect or revitalize certain functions.

Dogs Against Romney: A PACK, Not A PAC

While some would say America is going to the dogs, there are others who wholeheartedly agree with them, and they're happy about it. In the 2012 presidential campaign, it looks like Mitt Romney may have more trouble getting dog lover votes than women's votes, and 2012 just might be the year of the pet activist.

Dog Bathing Made Easy With The Portable, Inflatable Dog Shower

Warm weather is just around the corner they tell me. That means my dogs get to spend more time outdoors, which they love. And I get to bathe them outdoors instead of in my shower, a humiliating experience for all of us. But I just found a great solution outdoor dog bathing - a portable, Inflatable Dog Shower from Hammacher Schlemmer.


The Best Cat Scratching Post EVER!

There's not much humor in a cat scratcher; that is, unless you're looking at Dog Scratchpost, the cat scratcher by Dutch designer, Erik Stehmann.  Oh yes, it's a beautifully sisal-wrapped silhouette of a strong, proud dog, and doesn't it capture the irony of cat v. dog?