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Cat Stuff and Cat Products - PetsLady.com

Looking for great cat stuff? Want to read about newest products for your cat?

Our team of pet owners and experts here at PetsLady.com review with you the best cat products and cat supplies. 

If you are looking for the cutest cat clothing, or unique furniture, cat tree or sratcher,  orfun and fuctional cat carrier, please take a look at our great cat stuff.

Here are some of our most popular Cat Product articles:


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5 Healthy Supplements To Help Your Cat Avoid Cancer

A cat's immune system is an important part of his overall health that can protect him from cancer and numerous other ailments. While these supplements aren't guaranteed to cure cancer in cats, they can improve the overall health of your cat to help prevent cancer from forming.

How To Dispose Of Cat Litter Quickly And Cleanly

I don't like hassle and I don't like cleaning the cat's litter box either.  The hassle with cleaning the litter box is the constant need for clean plastic bags to insert dirty smelly cat litter and the bother of taking them to an outdoor trash can which always smells like cat poo when you open its lid.  Ah, but Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System does away with the hassle and the smell, as well as the need for a continuous supply of plastic bags.

JetBlue Offers $299 'All Your Pet Can Jet' Fares To Fly Through The Holidays!

From now through September 5, 2012, JetBlue Airlines is offering an 'All Your Pet Can Jet' pass for flights between almost all JetBlue cities from September 7 through December 31, 2012... and there are no blackout dates, so your dog or cat can even fly during the holidays!  There are some restrictions, however...

Scratchers For Cats Who Climb The Walls By Moderncat

You may remember the sinewy Trio Tower Cat Scratcher designed by Moderncat Studio, the one that allows you to swivel the layers of cardboard to form multiple designs.  Well, Trio is still going strong, but now Moderncat has adapted its popular Trio Tower for cats who like to stretch to their full height when they scratch.

12 Best Halloween Costumes For Pets 2012: Funniest, Prettiest, Cleverest And More...

Halloween is here again and Lady Bee gets to do her favorite thing: pick pet costume winners in a variety of categories.  This year offers some of the best commercial Halloween dog costumes I've seen, as well as some lovely handmade goodies with an emphasis on cats.  Let's jump right into the winners' pool with the Cutest, Funniest, and the rest for Halloween 2012.

Design Your Own Awesome Pet Beds

I've come across a terrific online shop called Bags Of Love, where you can customize your own pet beds, designing their covers and even the shapes of the beds.

Radioactive Pet Bowl Recall: Uh, Really?

Does this stainless steel pet bowl look familiar?  Well, if you purchased it from Petco between May 31 and June 20, 2012, it may be radioactive. Read on; there are two more radioactive styles....

The World's First Headphones For Cats! (video)

Professor Meowingtons, pHd. has had a pair of headphones made just for him by Sol Republic, makers of headphones extraordinaires. Why? To block out the sounds of dogs, of course.

No Tick Left Behind: The Tick Key

....Apparently, even if you think you've successfully removed the tick with tweezers, the tick's head might still be left under the skin.  And worse, a tick can be agitated by a tweezers and throw up its stomach contents into its host with all the diseases that the tick carries.

Who's Your Cat's Furrier? Try The Kong Zoom Groom

Who would have thought that a thick-pronged rubber brush would be an effective furrier for a cat.  It sure was for mine.  Kong's Zoom Groom is not just effective; it's a cat treat!

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