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Silver Spoon Sunday: Kitty Tree House

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth (aka, filthy rich)? How about pampering your precious puss-cat with this fabulous Feline Tree House and bring the outdoor feeling right indoors with no trimming or raking needed.

Gift For The One Percent Cat: The (Real) Feline Tree House

If your cat thinks his artificial cat tree is tacky, don't make him suffer with it. A real tree adds so much prestige to a cat's natural need for status.

Pet Couture: Merry Catmas Tree Collar

Cats aren't as willing as other animals to put up with being dressed up for the holidays, but purrhaps this Christmas all you need is the purrfect collar,

Pet Couture: Christmas Cat Cape

Christmas for a cat is fairly simple -- a little bit of the old nip and they are good. If you want your cat to be a little more a part of the season, this adorable cape and Santa hat may be just the thing to get them in the mood.

Get Your Pet A Babble Ball For Christmas

A Babble Ball is, simply put, a ball that makes sounds when you touch it. There is a version of this item for dogs, for cats and for birds. If you are still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for the pet who has (almost) everything, look no further. The Babble Ball could be the perfect present.

Not Just For (Human) Babies: A Tale of Two Pet Strollers

If you love taking your dog or cat everywhere, or if you hate having to carry your dog or cat everywhere, you might need a pet stroller. Here are a couple of nice options.

4 Surprising Uses Of Catnip

Catnip can be used for more than entertaining a cat, it can actually be quite useful. Here are 4 surprising uses of catnip.

Deal Of The Week: A Few Deals At Petsmart

Petsmart has a few interesting promotions for this holiday season, including a $5 off of $30, a $15% off of $60 and a special sales event going on for a limited time.

Pet Couture: Happy Hanulcat!

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, will be here before you know it -- at sundown next Saturday. The eight night celebration will gather together family, friends, and even pets to celebrate an ancient miracle of faith. Help your cat or dog join in the festivities with this cool collar.

Ease Your Pet's Anxiety With The Thundershirt

Millions of dogs and cats suffer from anxiety, and millions of dog and cat owners suffer right along with them because they are stressed out by their pets' anxious behaviors. Whether the anxiety is brought on by storms, loud noises, travel or general over-excitement, the Thundershirt is a product that offers help and hope.