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Posted February 7, 2012 by Lady Bee

I love watching my cat chase his toys almost as much as he loves doing
it.  Problem is cats get bored long before you get tired of watching
them. The Cat's Phantom Mouse Teaser should keep your cat a bit busier.

Posted February 4, 2012 by Lady Bee

If you haven't purchased an iPad yet, let me
ask you one question....  Do you love your cat? Then there's no better
reason to buy an iPad than the new iPad app for techno cats called The
Affection Collection.  Don't worry; the app is free!

Posted February 2, 2012 by Lady Bee

I just can't give enough love to my pets and Valentine's Day is just
another excuse for me to shower them with love.  Pets are all heart, but
they're awfully mischievous too, kind of like Cupid.  Here are a few
more pet Valentine Heart gifts that will remind you all year long of
your love for each other.


Posted February 1, 2012 by Lady Bee

Yes, I do believe all pets are special, so the word is superfluous.  Nevertheless, these gifts will make your pets feel real special, and they will return the pleasure 10 times more on Valentine's Day!

Posted January 30, 2012 by Lady Bee

Have you taken your dog or cat to the vet's office lately?  Then you
know that a routine checkup can end up costing between $100 and $200
once the exam, tests, and vaccinations are added up.  And even in these
times of hardship for many pet owners, veterinary costs keep rising. 
That's one reason to get pet insurance for dogs and cats, and perhaps
other pets as well.  But there is a bigger reason...

Posted January 24, 2012 by Lady Bee

Cats love to be warm.  They'll stretch out in a sunny spot and
bathe in it all day, unless they happen to be moved to eat or play. 
Unfortunately, especially in winter or in cooler climates, cats can't
seem to get enough heat.  K&H Pet Products specializes in warmth for all pets; its kitty beds are not only warm, but designed with imagination.


Posted September 26, 2011 by Lady Bee

When space is so limited in an apartment, it's hard to fit in all the
toys and ladders and cubby holes and beds your cat might prefer if
circumstances allowed more room to put them.  But the designers of the
Feline Rec Room considered most of kitty's recreational needs when they
developed this furnished apartment for your cats.

Posted June 16, 2011 by Lady Bee

Fresh running water does have great appeal, even to pets.  Take cats,
for example: it's the rare one who will even drink from a bowl of
"stagnant" water.  And when you think about it, cats have it right...
who wants to drink out of a bowl or a glass of water that's been
sitting there for half a day or so?  Perhaps that's why the latest
trend in pet drinking is not the 'pet bowl,' it's the 'pet fountain,'
where water flows constantly, or on demand.