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Feliway: Synthetic Cat Pheromones To Calm Your Cat

New situations can make any cat go ballistic. A new pet in the house, especially a cat, new furniture, a new routine may unsettle a cat, who generally likes things 'the way they were.'  One of the therapies recommended by some veterinarians for anxiety that arises in cats and dogs, is the introduction of pheromones.

Want A Designer Cat Tower? You MUST See Wohnblock Design

As with all furniture, you can buy mass produced cat furniture or 'designer' cat furniture.  When it comes to commercial cat condos, you're pretty much stuck with an eyesore in your living room. But if you want to see how an interior designer achieves the ultimate marriage between an elegant living area for humans and stunningly fitting catsplay, you need to see what Wohnblock Design has accomplished.


9 Best Pet Products of 2012 - Awards From The 2012 Global Pet Expo

The Global Pet Expo, held in Orlando, FL last week, awarded new products in 9 categories: Aquatics, Bird, Boutique, Cat, Dog, Natural Pet, Reptile, Small Animal, and Point of Purchase. Yes, you can say 'so what,' but wait until you see these innovative and impressive products!

When Your Dog Won't Brush... Leba III Pet Dental Spray

Frankly, I can't get to all of my dog's teeth before he starts just chewing on his toothbrush.  And my cat!  Forget it! She knows by the look on my face, that I'm coming for her and she hides, and fast. I don't even know where she goes.  So, what's a mother to do?

Some Employers Offer Pet Health Insurance As An Employee Benefit!

Employee benefits matter.  Not only financially, but in terms of loyalty.  Smart companies know this and try to retain good workers by enticing benefits - like pet health insurance, for example!

Sojos Organic Catnip: Just Read The Reviews!

My own cat was never moved by catnip, or any other nip, to go silly, no less crazy.  He's an indoor/outdoor cat, who does get bored inside, even with a basket full of toys, a cat condo, and a bay window overlooking treetops with tons of birds.  Then, a friend suggested I try Sojos Organic Catnip....

Cat Tails? Catnip Filled Hemp For The Natural Cat

Like many cat owners, I prefer to indulge my cat with the most eco-friendly cat toys I can find.  I always order loose cat nip because I have found that toys pre-stuffed with catnip are usually composed of polyester, nylon, or other man-made fiber. Not so, these Hemp Cat Tails...

Your Cat Will Love The Phantom Mouse Teaser

I love watching my cat chase his toys almost as much as he loves doing it.  Problem is cats get bored long before you get tired of watching them. The Cat's Phantom Mouse Teaser should keep your cat a bit busier.

Techno Cats Rejoice! THE Cat App For iPad Is Here!

If you haven't purchased an iPad yet, let me ask you one question....  Do you love your cat? Then there's no better reason to buy an iPad than the new iPad app for techno cats called The Affection Collection.  Don't worry; the app is free!

5 Pet Valentines With Heart!

I just can't give enough love to my pets and Valentine's Day is just another excuse for me to shower them with love.  Pets are all heart, but they're awfully mischievous too, kind of like Cupid.  Here are a few more pet Valentine Heart gifts that will remind you all year long of your love for each other.