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Posted October 19, 2015 by Kitty Devine

Carving pumpkins for Halloween can be hard, time-consuming, and messy for many of us. There are still cute ways to add fun fresh pumpkins to your holiday decor. One way is to set pumpkins into these cute Black Cat Pumpkin Holders.

Posted October 16, 2015 by Kitty Devine

Halloween can be a rather dark night -- which is part of its charm, of course. But you still may want to shed a little light on the holiday and your can do it in an equally charming way with these cute Cat and Pumpkin and Cats and Bats light sets.

Posted October 14, 2015 by Kitty Devine

One of the most iconic figures of Halloween is that denizen of the night -- the bat. Add a beautiful Bat on a Branch sculpture to one of your trees for Halloween, or as decorative art the whole year 'round.

Posted October 12, 2015 by Kitty Devine

Halloween has become increasingly popular over the past few decades and so it rivals Christmas for decorating. Black cats and bats aren't enough of the animal kingdom to cut is anymore. So why not try these cool Vulture, Crow, and Rat Skeletons to really throw the spooky into your holiday?

Posted October 9, 2015 by Kitty Devine

Decorate your home with accents from the Middle Ages for Halloween this year with gargoyle statues. You can choose between Small Creepy Halloween Gargoyles or Large Creepy Halloween Gargoyles. Both come with flashing red eyes to scare the pants off your guests.

Posted October 7, 2015 by Kitty Devine

Usually a zombie apocalypse doesn't effect animals, but this Halloween something has gone terribly wrong and there are Zombie Flamingos lurking out in your yard. They are ready to peck your eyes out and poop on your car. This set of two will bring a touch of unusual spookiness to your holiday.

Posted October 5, 2015 by Kitty Devine

One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is the black cat slinking through the dark illuminated only by the moon and the reflective shine of its eyes. There is also the fact that where there are black cats there will be black bats. You can display both with of these themes with a Black Cat Doormat this Halloween.

Posted October 2, 2015 by Kitty Devine

Or in this case, skeletons a-plenty. Skel-A-Dog Skeleton Dog Statue has been on guard at your door for so long that he is down to skin and bones. Well, bones anyway. Now he'll really be able to scare away all comers! Check out his friends Skel-E-Cat and Skel-E-Squirrel too!