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Cool Stuff To Buy Animal Lovers –

Love animals? Know anyone who does?

Need a great gift idea for your dog lover, cat lover, or all around animal lover?

If you are looking for cool stuff to buy for yourself or the people in your life, take a look at all the fun, unusual, cute, unique, funny and useful stuff  our team of writers has found for you.   We even have it sorted out by these categories of coolness.

Just take a look and DROOL!

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Ice Pops To Drive Your Kids Buggy!

If your kids are into bugs then these fun Bug Ice Pops will be the perfect treat on hot summer days.

Animals Like To Get High & Other Lessons From "Zoobiquity"

You will learn dozens and dozens of interesting similarities between animals and humans that you never knew before or even considered, just as cardiologist/psychologist Barbara Natterson-Horowitz discovered when she began her search into how veterinarians deal with stress-induced heart disease in their animal patients. Yes, animals have been known to die of heart attacks, but that is by no means all that we have in common with them health-wise.

Drawing Isn't Just Monkeying Around

This adorable Monkey Artist Journal is a great way to encourage your tiny tot's imagination and artistic vision.

Which Way Is The Wind Trotting?

You'll always know which way the wind is blowing with this beautiful Trotter Weather Vane.

Silver Spoon Sunday: Carry Your Diva Dog In Designer Style

What would you buy if you had been born with a silver spoon in your mouth (aka, filthy rich)? Perhaps this designer dog carrier by Louis Vuitton?

Turn Laundry Into Gator Food

How do you get your boys to pick up their dirty clothes? Get them to feed those clothes to an Alligator Laundry Hamper!

It's A Wild Life For Your Keys

Keep your keys together with this unique Zebra Animal Bone Key Chain and carry a touch of the wild with you.

Kitty Is Saving For Cheezburger

Your kids will love learning to save money with this adorable Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank.

Going To Pot The Fun Way

There is something essentially civilized in sitting down for a cup of tea, but you can add a touch of the wild with this Elephant Green Tea Ceramic Teapot.

Sock It To 'Em With Your Love Of Animals

It is that time of year again to begin that back to school shopping and this year your teen girl will go crazy over this set of Gravity Funky Elephant, Llama, and Dog Toe Socks. It's what a girl wants.

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