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Posted December 15, 2020 by Kitty Devine

For those of us in northern climes, Christmas is all about cold and snow. This very cool Arctic Animals Christmas Wrapping Paper depicts sea mammals enjoying Christmas in and around the ocean.

Posted December 14, 2020 by Kitty Devine

If there is one animal that should represent not only Christmas 2020, but much of the year as well, it is the hermit crab. So this sweet Christmas Hermit Crab Ornament has really earned a spot on your tree.

Posted December 11, 2020 by Kitty Devine

Merry up your Christmas ventures outside your home by wearing this cute and holly jolly Christmas Snow Cat Mask.


Posted December 10, 2020 by Kitty Devine

If there is one quality that many cats possess it is that they love to mess with us, especially by knocking things over. Christmas is the perfect time for doing just that. This t-shirt is dedicated to this cat trait with this funny Naughty Christmas Cat T-Shirt.

Posted December 9, 2020 by Kitty Devine

If you want to get something truly special your little one for Christmas this year, then the Christmas Story-Time Bear will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Posted December 8, 2020 by Kitty Devine

Everyone knows that ginger is an iconic flavor of Christmas, so a ginger cat on a shirt can really bring the spirit. This adorable and funny 2020 Christmas Cat T-Shirt really catches the spirit of this unusual Christmas.

Posted December 7, 2020 by Kitty Devine

There is one thing that really says Christmas to me -- Sweden. With this gorgeous Christmas Dala Horse Ornament I go straight back to my childhood.

Posted December 4, 2020 by Kitty Devine

Yeah, having to wear a mask through the Christmas season does kinda suck, but since you've got to be a grown up and do it, why not make it fun? One of these adorable Christmas Dog Face Masks will help to make the holiday a little less ruff.