Breaking News: Chihuahua Involved In Police Chase

Yesterday morning members of the California Highway Patrol found themselves on the police chase of a lifetime when it was reported that there was a Chihuahua on the Bay Bridge heading from Oakland to San Francisco. The bridge was closed for a short time while officers took up the pursuit of the runaway Rover.

Happiness. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

THIS.  This is why you go to an animal rescue to adopt a buddy.  The amount of happy and love coming from this dog is amazing.

I Love My Cat, But... I Have My Limits. The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Egad!  Can you imagine taking care of six tigers and two lions?  I can barely take care of my tiny black cat!  And a love nibble from something like a tiger... I have scratches all over my hands, but at least I still HAVE my hands!

Not All Refugees Are People

The refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe is reaching alarming proportions. Not all of those fleeing are human. Some families go to great lengths to make sure that the whole family goes on this journey. That is what happened to Kunkush the cat when his family fled Iraq. As happens with so many families, he got separated from the rest.

Why We Love Jack Hannah -- The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

It is almost impossible to not like Jack Hannah.  His laid back nature and innate ability to not only teach, but also to  freak out, people with animals is always entertaining.

Baby Ostrich Invasion! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Okay, here's something you don't see every day: baby ostriches running about... in somebody's living-room.  I must admit that they are cute.

A Cow With Boots! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Meet Fawn.  She was born under some unfortunate circumstances that rendered her handicapped at birth.  Instead of being put down, she was adopted, rehabilitated and given braces to help her move around.  And she's doing great!