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Bird Care

Three Cool Gifts To Turn Your Animal’s World Upside Down!

There are a host of everyday presents that we can give to our dogs, cats and backyard bird buddies to make them happy, but what’s keeping you from going the extra distance and giving them something that all of the other animals on the block will be jealous of? Check out these choice select enrichment goods:

Big Bird Of Africa Takes GoPro Camera To New Heights

Can't go too far these days without seeing a GoPro camera filming something unique up close and personal. Skiers and snowboard athletes took it to the Sochi slopes for the recent Winter Olympics. Amateur photographers have captured roller-coaster rides and hot airplane balloon flights using it. And while Ellen DeGeneres showed us a whole new way of taking a selfie. . . 

England’s Penguins Given Antifungal Meds, NOT “Happy Pills!”

Contrary to the reports hitting the web this month, Northern England’s Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary did not give their penguins antidepressants! The penguins have been given another medicine to protect themselves in the cold and wet UK winters though…

"Seahawks" Don't Exist, Except When Winning Football Games

It's a little known fact, especially since they won the Super Bowl, but in actuality there is no bird in ornithology known as the seahawk. Multiple sources, including the Seattle Seahawks' own website admits that seahawks don't exist.

How To Care For Your Wild Birds Through The Winter Season

Helping out your wild bird friends doesn’t stop just because you’re falling behind on your Christmas list, if anything, winter is the time of year for you to double down to feed our migrating feathered friends. I’ve pulled together some top tips to lend a hand to wild birds during these chilly months:

Pro Pet Tip: Poison-Proofing Your Home

You and your pets are at your most comfortable at home, but if you haven’t been careful with keeping toxic common household items far away from fuzzy, feathered and scaly family members, you’re asking for trouble. Here’s some simple tips to avoid having to take Fido to get his tummy pumped:

Presidential 'Hunger Games' Selects This Year's Turkey Survivors!

A lucky turkey by the name of Popcorn secured a pardon from the Leader of the Free World the day before Thanksgiving. The holiday ritual is America's way of honoring a long-standing tradition in a very symbolic way. In the 66th annual presentation of the National Thanksgiving Turkey, courtesy of the National Turkey Federation, the White House drew an analogy to the current box office hit, "Hunger Games."

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