Do you know how many times a day to feed your hamster or what their favorite foods are? How about foods that are considered toxic and therefore lethal to them? Find out here what to feed them and how much to give each day/week in order to keep them healthy and living longer.

Who is HRH Marvin, what was his inspiration and who's the illustrator behind him? Meet the newest royal member who's come to paper for the whole world to enjoy and find out which social media platform allows you to follow his progress right here.

Hey Warden! Whatcha doin's? Me? Oh I was justs wondering when I can get paroled from this joints.

I believe it is safe to say that pizza is the universal notion of delicious.  Watch as this tiny hamster devours an equally tiny slice of (what in my opinion) is the perfect food.

We can all agree that hamsters are cute, right?  They're tiny little puffballs that look adorable when sleeping and can cram pretty much an entire pizza in their tiny, fuzzy faces.  Here are a few examples.

Will you be mine Valentine? I gots you this here lolly. I only licked it once.

Small starter pets can help kids get into the swing of caring for larger pets that may require more time, care and discipline.

I is so glads that this heres dreidel is mades of wood.