Crazy Hamsters! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We can all agree that hamsters are cute, right?  They're tiny little puffballs that look adorable when sleeping and can cram pretty much an entire pizza in their tiny, fuzzy faces.  Here are a few examples.

PetsLady's Pick: Adorable Sweetheart Hamster Of The Day

Will you be mine Valentine? I gots you this here lolly. I only licked it once.

5 Best Pets For Kids Before Getting A Dog Or Cat

Small starter pets can help kids get into the swing of caring for larger pets that may require more time, care and discipline.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Hebrew Hamster Of The Day

I is so glads that this heres dreidel is mades of wood.

Okay... I'm Just Putting This Right Here. The Hamster Eating A Carrot Animal Video Of The Day!!!

Crank up the cute-o-meter!  This little hamster is just wrapped in a blanket and loving his carrot snack.  Happiness has never looked so cute.

A Backflipping Hamster! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

We all have that one friend that has just a few too many drinks and tries to be the life of the party.  This little hamster is that one friend.

Hamsters In Hammocks! The Animal Video Of The Day!!!

This little hamster knows how to live the high life.  If only I could find such serenity...