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Best Hang On, Little Buddy! The "We're Goin' for a Ride!" Animal Video of the Day!!!

Wooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!  These two little guys are having a blast!  Now... imagine a human ride like this.  The closest example I can think of is The Gravitron--but even in that ride, you're strapped in with metal bars.

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

I don't normally look like this, but the cat said "hi" -- repeatedly.

PetsLady's Pick: Cute Animal of the Day

Yeah! I saw you trip over the cat!

Love Is In The Air And Other Places - A Cute Collection

Animals know love just as we do. Rabbits have their own special way of showing affection for each other as do the other creatures exemplified in this article about love reigning supreme on the day of all lovers.

Image Source: Attackofthecute.com

Have A Happy Hamster Holiday!

It may seem a little late in the season to be ordering gifts online, but not when it is a quick MP3 download. Get the fun of Reggie the Christmas Hamster for a song. Um, pun intended.

Surprise Your Small Pet With A Nut Knot Nibbler This Christmas

Even our smaller pets -- like rabbits, hamsters, and mice -- can enjoy a very Merry Christmas with just the right gift. Since one of their favorite activities in chewing and gnawing a Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy is a great and affordable gift for your small pet.

Russian Dwarf Hamster! The Animal Video of the Day!!!

This little guy (and I mean really, really, really little) seems to be a foodie.  Watch as he tackles a variety of different foodstuffs with the gusto of a competitor in a hot-dog eating contest!

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